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DTH Bit-QL60-170

  • Code No.: QL60-170
  • Diameter: 170mm
  • Air Holes No.: 2
  • Gauge Buttons: 8*18mm
  • Face Buttons: 10*16mm
  • Face Design: Double Gauge Row
  • Carbide Design: Dome
  • Approx. Weight: 27KGS

DTH Bit-QL60-170

DTH Bit-QL60-170

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill supplies DTH Drill Bits with QL shank type are available in a wide range of sizes and with a number of custom design features for optimum performance in a rock formation which have been designed to match all conceivable applications for stone quarrying, water well industries, mining and construction.

Shank type: QL40, QL50, QL60, QL80 ; and DTH Hammer bits hole diameter: 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'', 8''(85mm-350mm).

Double Gauge Row face
A special design of rock drill bits for hard or very hard rock conditions, double gauge row buttons provide very excellent ware-resistance and very longer life time. It is usually used for some bigger diameter DTH bits.

Dome/Hemispherical Buttons
Universal buttons for all rock formation, best suited to hardest and very abrasive rock formation.

QL60-170 DTH Drill Bit

QL shank DTH drill bit with double gauge row buttons face, dome carbide buttons.


PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: DTH hammer bits with QL shanks Catalogue

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