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Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer Prodrill series Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitters provide a powerful and cost-effective alternative to other conventional demolition equipment such as Expansive Mortar (High Soundless Cracking Agent), Blasting, Pneumatic Spitting Hammer G10, etc. Used for quarrying, demolition. Type of rock splitter is Mobile and portable,

A complete Prodrill series rock and concrete splitter comprises 3 components:

1. one or several steel/aluminum splitting cylinders

2. one hydraulic pump unit

3. one set of high and low pressure hoses

For the details, Hydraulic concrete splitter is constituted by three parts: hydraulic oil pressure system, oil way system and splitting cylinder. Because the hydraulic oil pressure system is specially designed for the machine, and the connection is exclusive, one full set of Hydraulic Rock Splitter included 1 hydraulic power pump station, plus 3 or more hydraulic cylinders, powered by electricity, or fixed with 7.5HP diesel, gasoline engine, or air motor, of course with full set of hoses, one cylinder with one set of counter wedges and center wedges.

As for the consummation energy, gasoline motor, diesel motor, electro motor, air motor

less 1 liter per hour ,7.5 HP single cylinder, very small cost in consuming of gasoline and diesel, 4 kw for one hour consumed for electric, cost less.

 Hydraulic rock splitter

How the hydraulic splitter works:

First of all, a hole is drilled to a specified diameter and depth using an ordinary rock drill. Then the wedge set is inserted into the hole with the wedge in a retracted position. The hydraulic pressure then forces the wedge between the two counter wedges, pressing them against the walls of the drilled hole. The effective splitting force of up to 450 tons breaks concrete and rock from the inside, breaking thinner iron rods at the same time.

 Hydraulic rock splitter work site


1) Splitting force up to 450tons

2) Dust free

3) Quiet performance

4) Also applicable at places of difficult access

5) Vibration free

6) Easy handling

7) Easy to transport

8) Splits in seconds

9) Controlled splitting

10) Dimensional accurate working

Hydraulic breaker technical specs


For more details please watch PDF online:  PD350 hydraulic Splitter Manual

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