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Crown Reaming Bit-Double Casing System

  • Outer Diameter: 219mm
  • Wall Thickness: 10mm

Crown Reaming Bit-Double Casing System

Crown Reaming Bit-Double Casing System

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill: Double Head Rotary System, Double Casing Drilling Tools 

crown reaming bit

The two rotary heads are typically mounted on separate sleds which can be adjusted independently to control the position of the inner string in relation to the casing bit, rock drill bits.

The inner bit can be advanced in front of the casing bit to act as a pilot bit for the casing string or it can be retracted inside the crown reaming bit to better contain flushing inside the casing.

inner bit
In combination with a DTH system on the inner drill string, a Rotary-Rotary system is able to achieve deeper depths compared to drifter (top hammer) based systems.
Double head Rotary-Rotary systems are a preferred method for drilling straight, deep holes. These systems offer the driller a high level of flexibility and control to deal with varying ground condition

Application range

Suitable for geothermal drill for grouting, sampling, water well drill, foundation drill etc.

Working principles

By using water or Compressed air the discharge head make the casing tube and drill rod rotate and penetrate

Product Features: 
1.Hardening treatment of the parts surface with longer operating life 
and excellent anti-wear properties 
2.Structure optimization Strengthen the structural 

3.Superior performance Smooth with high efficiency

Crown reaming bit drawing

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