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DTH and Casing System Summary

DTH and Casing System Summary

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DTH accessories, and Casing System Summary,

ProDrill offers a comprehensive range of high performance DTH hammers, DTH hammer bits, and accessories for use in the mining, construction, geothermal, and rotary drilling industries.  Especially for water well drilling industry.

ProDrill DTH hammers are available in sizes from 2" to 20" from DTH hammer bits are available in sizes from 2" to 36", with all shanks, multiple face, and with a variety of tungsten carbide button styles to suit a wide variety of drilling conditions and rock formation.


ProDrill DTH hammer products offers a wide range of quality, versatile DTH hammers to interchangeable, or replace a number of leading industry manufacturers. Most DTH hammers are designed for use with the industry’s most common bit shank types such as DHD, QL, Cop, Mission, SD, Numa, BR, DTH Hammers are available for down hole and blast hole, water well, gas, mining  applications and use in nearly all ground conditions.

ProDrill DTH bits are available in sizes from 2" to 36". Bits come in three different standard bit face designs (Double gauge, Drop center Convex, Flat Face, and Concave), and with a number of tungsten carbide insert options including : Demo, Parabolic ( semi-ballistic ) , to guarantee a DTH drill bit that can face any challenge , overcome touch rock for a excellent penetration rate . 


DTH accessories, including Sub Adapter, DTH drill pipe , shock absorbers, and more, are available to complement our DTH product offering, also for grinding worn DTH button bits, we also provide air button bit grinder and diamond grinding cups to sharpen DTH bits tungsten carbide inserts. 



For overburdn drilling system, we can supply ODEX series, Symmetrix series, Concentrix series for overburden drilling system, 


DTH drill rig for mining. 


DTH drill rig for construction. 



DTH drill rig . 


DTH drill rig 


DTH drill rig for symmetrix casing bit with O.D  146mm.  


ODEX casing bit + Casing shoe+ Casing tube, to mount DTH drilling rig . 

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