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Y24 Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition

  • Weight: 24KGS
  • Cylinder Stroke: 70*70mm
  • Air Consumption: 55L/s
  • Air Hose Size: 19mm
  • Bore Diameter: 32-42mm
  • Drilling Depth: 5mm
  • Shank: 22(25)x108mm

Y24 Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition

Product details

Y24 Hand Held Rock Drills/Jack Hammer Hand Drills

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill offers high quality Y24 Hand held Rock Drills, powered by pneumatic drive from air compressor, and used for small-hole drilling such as granite, marble, limestone quarrying. And for small size construction, and demolition work, hole size scope 30mm-40mm, match Tapered Drill Rods, Tapered Drill Bits, or Integral Drill Rods together for a drilling use. Y24 hand jack hammer is a light-duty drilling tools with stronger and stable drilling performance, and easy to use, simple repair, price is very competitive, so still popular in stone quarry market for most of following countries such as India, Africa, even Saudi Arabia. Now European quarry owners use hydraulic rock drills to replace Air jack hammers for quarry drilling holes, or blasting bore holes.

Y24 Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition

Y24 Hand Held Rock Drills for quarrying & demolition 

PDFFor details please watch PDF online: Hand-Held Rock Drill for Quarrying and Demolition Work Catalogue

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