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Quarry Rock Drills Summary

Quarry Rock Drills Summary

Quarry Rock Drills Summary

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While selling rock drilling tools products,  always requested by clients to provide quality rock drills machine,  in order to meet client need, ProDrill also had partnered with China first class factory, and offers a wide range of pneumatic rock drills for naturals dimension stone quarrying, mining, tunneling, demolition etc.  More details as follows:

Hand held air rock drill Y6, Y8, Y10, Y20, Y24, Y26, Y28, used for quarrying, drilling hole from 20mm-40mm.  drilling consumables are Tapered Bits, Tapered Rods, Integral Drill Steels, Plug-hole Drill Rod etc.

TY24C 应用


Pusher leg rock drills YT23, YT24, YT28, YT29A, applied for tunneling drilling,

Underground mining, drilling tools are as same with Jack hammer as above mentioned. YT28 pusher leg drill has approved and recognized to be BEST quality and excellent performance from China, for underground tunneling

The full body of drill is very stable, not like other brand moving too much, easy use by worker.

If you want to drilling fast and drill hole straight in line, you can choose our Mobile Rock Drills with one hammer, 

two hammers,  four hammers,  hammer use YT28 , YT29A as a standard configuration, now popular in Saudi, India

granite quarry market. 


In case your drilling site without air, electric device, for small hole jobs, you can choose Gasoline Rock Drills machine YN27C is classical model no., work job are like quarry stone splitting, rock or concrete demolition etc, YN27C can match tapered bit and rod for drilling, chisel point, wedge for demolition job. Very convenient and easy to operate it, not only for professional contractors, but also for private or family own to make some DIY job in your house back yard, or farm site. This is also very hot light-duty driller for fast selling for many years.

YN27C Gasoline Drill

If you are contractor or end user in drilling & blasting, quarrying etc, Hydraulic Breakers are there across everywhere not only in project site,  but you have very less budget to buy hydraulic top hammer drilling rig like Sandvik Tomrock DQ550 ( bench ),  ,Q7 ( quarrying ) .  Atlas Copco Power OC ( bench ) ,  Atlas Copco Boomer 282, L2D ( Drifting and tunneling )  Atlas copco ROC L8, ROC D7 ( Bench )


No problem, ProDrill Excavator Mounted Drill Attachment for your excavator with any brand, mini 3 tons as easy requirement for use ProDrill excavator mounted rock drill,

ProDrill Excavator Drilling Rig series includes six models PD-28,  PD-45, PD-90, PD-115,PD-45A-360°  PD-90A-360°,   covering the hole diameters from 30 to 115 mm. The use of the optional extension rod such as Integral drill, Tapered Drillrod, Hand-Change Rod allows drilling holes up to 3 -20 meters deep. In practice, Excavator Rock Drills is a real drilling rig equipped with the 3.2 m3/min piston type or screw type of air compressor to flushing dust at time of drilling.

Excavator mounted rock drilling attachments are designed to be used in various job sites such as drilling and blasting, quarrying & Mining, rock bolting, rock and concrete demolition, construction works, etc. now Main market in quarry market, our rock drilling attachment can replace hand-held rock drills, drilling speed : 1 meter per minute, for jack hammer, less 3 meter per hours like granite drilling. 


Granite quarry , Tropical Brown, cut by Expansive Mortar, using TY24C hand drills 34mm

Dia.hole, photo made in 2005, Saudi. 


Y24 Jack hammer with Integral Steels in granite black quarry,  Ongole, Andhra Pradesh 

India,  Photo taken in 2014 

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