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Q7-45-SR28 Threaded Button Bit

  • Thread: SR28
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Gauge: 5*10mm
  • Front: 2*8mm
  • Skirt Design: Standard
  • Weight: 0.56 KGS
  • Carbide Design: Semi-ballistic

Q7-45-SR28 Threaded Button Bit

Threaded Button Bit
Threaded Button Bit
Threaded Button Bit
Threaded Button Bit
Threaded Button Bit

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill provides a wide of threaded button bit as per different thread type, diameter, skirt body, face, and carbide shape as for your drilling job.

R25 Threaded Button Bit

R22, R25, R28 Threaded Button Bits of rock drill bits.

Diameter 40mm, 41mm, 43mm, 45mm.

Semi-ballistic Threaded button bit

Threaded drill bits used in drifting and tunneling, or dimensional natural stone quarryingTo match shank rod, and MM Hex drifter rod for light-duty top hammer. 

90mm length threaded drill bitThreaded drill bitThreaded button bit

7 Semi-ballistic buttons, SR28 Threaded Drill Bit.

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: R28 Threaded Drill Bits for Drifting and Tunneling Catalogue

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