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Top Hammer Consumables Summary

  • Top Hammer Consumables Summary :

Top Hammer Consumables Summary

Top Hammer Consumables Summary

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Top Hammer Consumables Summary

Besides threaded button bits, ProDrill also offer other accessories like Drill rods, Coupling, Shank Bar to form a full set of rock drilling working for top hammer.

drilling set

First, we talk about threaded drill rods, there are 2 kinds of R type rod, T type rod, round, Hexagonal rod, MM rod, MF rod ( Speed rod ) , Extension rodTop Hammer Drill Rod. Threaded Drill Rods 

Drifting rod ( Application ), Length size : 1525mm, 3050mm, 3660mm, as main size in market.  For the more details, the follows is for your reference.

ProDrill Offers a extensive of drill rods for quarrying, mining and construction.  Our drill rod through perfect surface carburized heat treatment,  having high bending stiffness capable of sustaining high impact waves. Our drill rods are made from premium quality steel. They are manufactured in a controlled environment using advanced heat treatment procedures.

ProDrill jack hammer / top hammer drill rods have been used extensively for more than 10 years now in international mining market such as Canada, Norway, Spain, Chile, Russia etc . Our rods are well suited for heavy duty open cast/underground mining, quarry and civil engineering applications.

Rock drilling bits

We has classified the drill rods based on the thread and the rod profile.

A) Categorization based on thread

• Rope Thread (R) Thread, such as R22, R25, R28, R32.
• Trapezoidal Thread (T) Thread like T38, T45, T51, GT60, ST58, ST68.

R thread & HM (T) Thread
The key characteristics of these threads has been listed below

R Thread 

Has good wear properties
• It is ideal for single pass or short hole drilling such as underground tunneling application that require infrequent uncoupling
• It is available in sizes 22 mm-38 mm

T Thread 

• This type of thread has a greater torque transferring capacity
• It is ideal for extension drilling with multiple steel
• It is available in size 38 mm, 45 mm, 51 mm and 60 mm 

B) Categorization based on rod profile
• Hexagonal Rods, working for drifting and tunneling, quarrying. 
• Round Rods , design for bench drilling, long-hole drilling

Hexagonal Rods & Round Rods
The key characteristics of these rods have been listed below:

Hex rod/Drifting drill rod

 These rods are typically more heavier than round rods and transfer energy more efficiently
• They have better flushing characteristics especially with horizontal drilling
• The rigidity of their cross section makes it possible to use a larger thread

Round rod/Extension drill rod 

• Normally used in extension drilling application

• They are available in large cross-sectional diameters
• Typically lighter than hexagonal rods of an equivalent size

c) Thread type with or without coupling,

If with coupling, drill rod with male to male thread type we call them M-M Rod, extension rod. If without coupling, drill rod with female to male thread type we call them MF rod, or speed rod, now more and more miner like to use MF rod in drilling and blasting for mining. 

Drill Rods

Drill rod categorize and its application are as listed :

For small hole drilling/working for quarry, construction, and underground applications, hand held drilling/demolition work you can use  : Chisel type integral drill rods,  plug-hole rods , tapered drill rod, above we already introduce. Extension Drill rods, MF rod suitable for long hole drilling and bench drilling applications, you can choose T type thread, Round shape, T38, T45, T51, GT 60 drill tube , MF Rod, Extension MM rod. Speed Rod. 

Small Hole Drilling- Extension Drilling Tools, like R22, 23, 25, 28, you choose MF, MM rod, Shank rod, shank adapterDrifter Drill rods , Hexagonal rod, used for drifting and tunneling applications, like R32, R28, 

Second, ProDrill can supply semi-bridge, full- bridge type coupling sleevesthread adapter, cross over bit adapter, coupling adapter, bit adapter etc. 

Semi-bridge type coupling, Dia 72 mm-76mm for T51, length 225mm, 

Full- bridge type coupling, Dia 72mm for T51, length 250, 

Bit adapter has two types: one is with one end female, male thread type for other end like R32 -T45, R38-T45, T51-T45 etc.   Diameter scope : 44mm - 72mm, length 285mm - 360mm, we call cross-over bit adapter, another is we call Thread adapter for two ends like T38, T45, T51

Guide coupling, coupling adapter also available 

Cross over adapter, Semi-bridge & Full-bridge Coupling sleeves

Third,  now ProDrill can provide a comprehensive range of strike bar, shank adapter for current popular drill rig brand like Sandvik Tamrock, , Atlas Copco, Furukawa, Ingersoll-Rand. etc.     

A standard drill string configuration

A standard drill string configuration

Bit +Drill rod + coupling + shank adapter as a standard drill string configuration

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