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G10 Pneumatic Hammer Splitter

G10 Pneumatic Hammer Splitter

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Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill: Pneumatic splitter, also referred as pneumatic hammer, air hammer, pick hammer, etc. 

This kind of machine is designed for block secondary splitting or squaring specially, it can be instead of the dynamite blasting or traditional manual splitting device completely. This demolition equipment can be widely used for reinforced concrete breaking or removing, such as the construction building part demolition, bridge dismantling, demolishing underwater etc. 

G10 pneumatic hammer

One complete machine including a pneumatic hammer and one set of forge plug and feathers (3parts)
Major sizes as following:
Plug and feathers: Length 400mm*Φ34 or Length 600mm*Φ34 

Length 400mm*Φ32 or Length 600mm*Φ32

More sizes are available as per customers' requirements.

G10 pneumatic hammer splitter, plugs & feathers微信图片_20180118085434




Plugs & Feathers:

Diameter 32MM, Length 350MM
Diameter 38MM, Lenght 420MM

G10 Plug & Feathers with size of Diameter 32mm Length 350mm to split granite work site:

Step 1:

Pneumatic hammer splitter, split granite work site

Step 2:

Pneumatic hammer splitter, split granite work site

Step 3:

Pneumatic hammer splitter, split granite work site

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