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TPB-60 Paving Breaker (Pneumatic breaker)

  • Type:TPB-60
  • Weight:30(Kg)
  • Length:645 (mm)
  • Air consumption:2.0CBM/min
  • Piston stroke:100(mm)
  • Shank size:1-1/8×6 or 1-1/4×6
  • Wet weight 30KG,gross weight 40KG.:
  • Packing:76CM *48CM *21CM

TPB-60 Paving Breaker (Pneumatic breaker)

Product details

TPB-60 Pneumatic breakers are simple in design and easy to operate. They are designed for vertical demolition of concrete, asphalt,frozen soil and other hard materials in road construction, installation and other demolition work. No other use is permitted.
TPB-60 pneumatic breakers get power from compressed air which is distributed alternatively to two ends of the cylinder by valves,making the hammer shuttle to strike the tail of the steel chisel into the concrete. Then the concrete is broken into pieces.



Application and maintenance: 
TPB-60 pneumatic breakers are precise tools which needs careful maintenance. The ollowing rules shall be abided by during application. 
The inner diameter of used windpipe shall be 19mm and pipe length should be not longer than 12m. The inside shall be kept clean and the joints of windpipe shall be firm. Add 20m ubricant from the air inlet pipe every 3-4 hours under normal application. Do not let the ick drill insert into the broken object completely to avoid idle working. During application, dismantle it at least twice a week, clean it with clean diesel oil, blow it dry and apply lubricant before re-assembly and debugging. Replace the spare parts which are worn or invalid. 

If the TPB-60 pneumatic breaker does not work,or has low power or an uneven performance. check the following points: 
*Check that the chisel used has the correct shank dimension. 
*Check that TPB-60 pneumatic breaker is getting the correct amount of lubrication. Note that too much lubricant may cause starting problems,low power or uneven performance. 
*Check that the compressed air system supplies the machine with sufficient air pressure to get full power. 
*Check that the dimension and length of air hose are in accordance to the recommendations. If there is a risk of freezing,check that the machine's exhaust ports are not blocked. f the TPB-60 pneumatic breaker function is still not satisfactory after this procedure. contact an my company authorized service & supply company. 


For more details please watch PDF online: TPB60

: TPB60-1

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