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DTH90-P Pneumatic DTH Drilling Machine

  • Model: DTH90-P
  • Max. Depth of Drilling: 35m
  • Drilling Speed: 6-8m/h
  • Min. Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
  • Total Compressed Air consumption: 7-9 m3/min
  • Track Travel: 1m
  • Diameter of Drilling: Φ65-90mm
  • Down-The-Hole Hammer: Φ80/90
  • Drilling Direction: Any direction
  • Advance Device: Pneumatic motor, reducer, chain
  • Adjust Height of the Down Jack: 220mm
  • Pneumatic Control Panel: Remote control, manual change direction
  • Total Weight: 500KG

DTH90-P Pneumatic DTH Drilling Machine

Product details

Prodrill DTH90-P DTH Drilling Machine (or DTH drill rig/DTH driller) to assist wire saw machine in stone quarry. Available for vertical, horizontal and slant drilling.

PD65-90B Down The Hole Drilling Machine

Prodrill DTH90-P DTH drilling machine features:

1. It is mainly used for drilling large holes for the passage of the diamond wires in stone quarry.

2. It is multi-functional, available for vertical, horizontal, slantwise drilling.

3. The advance mechanism and rotation mechanism are all pneumatic motors.

4. The machine is advanced by chain wheel and chain bar, can drill holes automatically with high speed; with round speed-reducer; when drilling the horizontal holes, the machine can cling to the ground, and have enough twisting force.

5. The base of the machine can be turned to any direction to adjust the drilling position; fixed by special wedge blocks, easy to operate and with high practicability.

6. The base of the machine have four adjusting screws to adjust the drilling height to meet different drilling requirements; equipped with self-locking nuts which have high stability.

7. The machine is equipped with two down-the-hole hammers (different diameter). They can be replaced with each other anytime according to requirements, with fast drilling speed and high accuracy.

8. Standard equipped with: 

    1 pc of Φ90mm down-the-hole hammer ;
    1 pc of Φ90mm down-the-hole drill bits;
    5 pcs of Φ60mm drilling rods/DTH drill pipes (1m length)

PD65-90B DTH Drill Rig

DTH drilling machine 90 mm for diamond wire hole

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