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DTH90-P Pneumatic DTH Drilling Machine

  • Model: DTH90-P
  • Max. Depth of Drilling: 35m
  • Drilling Speed: 6-8m/h
  • Min. Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
  • Total Compressed Air consumption: 7-9 m3/min
  • Track Travel: 1m
  • Diameter of Drilling: Φ65-90mm
  • Down-The-Hole Hammer: Φ80/90
  • Drilling Direction: Any direction
  • Advance Device: Pneumatic motor, reducer, chain
  • Adjust Height of the Down Jack: 220mm
  • Pneumatic Control Panel: Remote control, manual change direction
  • Total Weight: 500KG
Technical Support: Magic Lamp