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DTH Drilling Machine

DTH Drilling Machine

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High pressure DTH drill powers the moving of the oil hydraulic motor, rotation, propelling and lifting, swing angle location and so on by diesel (electronic motor) driving the hydraulic oil pump.The down the hole hammers consume the pressured air only when drilling, It can save energy (fuel oil or electric quantitv) as 40%~50% as the total oneumatic drill. GL-120Y is goad for blasting hole in surface mine, water electric building, road construction and stone project.

Down the hole drill rig for open use is an improved device in compliance with national regulations on environmentalTDS New Generation Internal Combustion Crawler Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig is mainly used in blasthole drilling task, such as hydropower construction, open-pit mining, road construction and national defense construction.

Rig model ZGYX-415
Rated power 58KW
Drill pipe size Φ60*3000MM
Hole range Φ90-115
Rotation Torque 1850N.M
Rotation Speed 0-110RPM
Feed Force 15KN
Pull up force 25KN
Feed type CYLINDER
Tramming speed 2.5KW/H
Gradient 25
Weight  4500KG
Size 4900*2000*2200MM

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