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Surface Mine DTH Drilling Rig

Surface Mine DTH Drilling Rig

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The integrated DTH drilling rig is an advanced drilling equipment which is the DTH drilling system combined with the screw air compresor system. With compact structure, good integrity and mobile convenience. The characteristics of drilling rig are energy-saving efficient, safe environmental production, flexible and convenient operation, stable performance, etc.

The high pressure DTH drill powers the moving of the oil hydraulic motor, rotation, prepelling and lifting, swing angle location and so on by diesel ( electronic motor) driving the hydraulic oil pump.

The down the hole hammers consume the pressured air only when drilling. It can save energy ( fuel oil or electric quantity) as 40%-50% as the total pneumatic drill.

The surface DTH drilling rig is good for blasting hole in surface mine, water electric building, road construction and stone project.


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