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DTH Drill Pipe O.D.102mm (No Flat)

  • Outer Diameter : 102mm:
  • Length: 4000-6000mm:
  • Wall Thickness: 8.5mm:
  • Thread Pin/Box:API 2-7/8 REG,3-1/2 REG,NC31:
  • Materials: 35CrMo for thread connect +R780 for drill pipe:
  • Process: : Upsetting treatment to reduce the weight of rod while keep the strength on the weld:

DTH Drill Pipe O.D.102mm (No Flat)

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer Prodrill, DTH Drill Pipes 

Dia.(mm) Length(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Thread Type  Thread Connect length Rod Material Thread Connect Material
102 4000-6000 8.5 2-7/8REG,3-1/2REG,NC31 G400*M300 R780 35Crmo

DTH drill tubes are used for connecting DTH hammer and DTH button bits rock drill bits, they are made from seamless tubes. Tubes play a significant role in all DTH drilling, regardless of application, rock type, hole depth or drill rig. The key features of a high quality DTH tube are durability, accuracy and manageability. 


ALL DTH drill tubes are friction welded, and usually the threads are standard API connections, like 2 3/8" API REG thread, 3 1/2" API REG thread or API IF thread, etc. According to customers request, from 1000mm to 5000mm length of tubes,  O.D we can offer 50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm,102mm,114mm

DTH Pipe Friction welded technology

Friction welded technology 

DTH pipe & DTH Sub adaptor

Products feathers:

1:Nitriding on the thread of rod joint to improve the hardness of thread surface and increase the wear resistance of thread.
2:Using R780 as the material of rod body to improve the wear resistance and the strength, 35CrMo materials for thread connect.
3:Adopts the upsetting treatment to reduce the weight of rod while keep the strength of the welds.

Upsetting treatment technology 


Thread Pin/Box|-| 2-3/8" API Reg. 

DTH drill pipe packaged in ware house for delivery.

Stangland, Norway

Mr. Simon Hu, CEO of ProDrill, visit clients in Norway, StangerLand is one of largest construct contractor company in Norway. 

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