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PD45 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill

PD45 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill

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1)PD45 Excavator Mounted rock drill suit to the 6 tons excavator mounted machines.

2)The rate of the Pump can reach 100 L/min, drilling diameter 32-64mm, 3.2m depth per time drilling.

3)Drilling speed: 0.7-1.0m/min for hard rock, 1min can drill 1.5 m depth for soft rock.

4)Excavator mounted rock drill can use the same type of hydraulic oil pipe line as hydraulic breaker.

Excavator mounted rock drilling attachments are designed to be used in various job sites such as drilling and blasting, quarrying & Mining, rock bolting, rock and concrete demolition,  construction works, etc. Pro Drill rock drills’ percussion hour to engine hour ratio is exceptionally good at 60 %, which is substantially higher than what can be achieved with conventional drilling rigs. This is best proven in difficult conditions where other solutions fail to drill holes without the exceptional reach of the excavator’s boom.Besides demanding conditions, Pro Drill Excavator Drill can also be used as hydraulic rock splitter to demolish over sized rock bad and huge concrete building removal.

1. PD 45 Hydraulic Drifter

PD 45 Hydraulic Drifter

Technical Parameter for PD45 Hydraulic Drifter:

Item Description Unit  Parameter
1 Import Parameter Import Oil Pressure Mpa 14-16
2 Import Rate L/min 30-45
3 Import Frequency Hz 34-67
4 Import Energy J 200
5 Rotation Parameter Rotation Oil Pressure Mpa 4.5-15
6 Rotation Rate L/min 40-70
8 Maximum Torque Nm 95
11 Net Weight Kg 27-64
13 Drilling hole Dia mm 32-45
14 Drilling depth m ≦12

2.PD45 Rock Drill Set

PD45 Rock Drill Set

PD45 Rock Drill Technical Datasheet:

Product model   PD-45A               PD-45C   PD-45D
Rock hardness f=6-18
Drilling depth ≤12m
Single rod Drilling depth 3.2m
Weight 1200kg
Hydraulic Drifter HYD200 HC20 DF420/430
Origin China France Finland
Impact power/KW 7 4.5 5
Drilling Diameter /mm 32-54 32-64 32-51
Suitable Excavator ≥8T
Suitable Air compressor ACH3.5/7

ACH 3.5/7 Diesel air compressor


ACL 5.0/8 Diesel air compressor


Diesel air compressor specifications:

Model ACH 3.5/7 ACL 5.0/8
Nose type 活塞Piston 螺杆Screw
Air displacement m³/min 3.5 5
Air pressure/MPa 0.7 0.8
Diesel engine power/KW 18 30
Size/mm 1960×900×1250 1520×820×1060
Weight/kg 638 700

The PD-45 excavator drill attachment set included with a R32-3660mm drill rod ,  a R32-Φ45 drill bit,a Diesel-moving piston air compressor set, a 4.8m propulsion rail (total length 5.5 m, and a spare box.

1) 1PC/ PD-45 Excavator Mounted Rock Drill with Diesel Driven Compressor 3.5 m³/min,0.7Mpa. Excavator 8 Tons Required, like PC70 CAT308.5. One can enter the rod 3 meters deep, China-made 200 type hydraulic rock drill, aperture 33-64mm,with ACL3.5/7 Diesel-moving piston air compressor.                                                                                                                                                    
2) Rock Drill Attachment Arm Length : Rail length4.8meters, total length 5.5 meters
3) Without dust collection system.   
4) PD45 Excavator Mounted rock drill is suitable to the 8 tons excavator mounted machines.

5) The rate of the Pump can reach 100L/min, drilling diameter 33-64mm, 3m depth per time drilling. Drilling speed: 0.7-1.0m/min for hard rock, 1min can drill 1-1.5m depth for soft rock

3.PD45 Excavator Mounted Rock

PD45 Excavator Mounted Rock

4. Consignation of Excavated Mounted
(1) Multi function rail set
(2) Imported hydraulic drifter
(3) Moving System
(4) Dust collection
(5) Rock drilling tools
(6) Piston type air compressor

For more details please review PDF online:Excavator Drill Attachment installation manual

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