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T45-RND46-T45 MF Rod

T45-RND46-T45 MF Rod

T45-RND46-T45 MF Rod

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Drill Steel Round

It is common practice to bump up the drive end of drifting drill steel for added strength at the rock drill end to accommodate larger diameter and shank adapters. Drill steel of rock drilling tools is available in many standard lengths to match the drill feeds on a multitude of available drifting jumbos. A rock drill bit diameter closer to the steel diameter can be used since the coupling does not enter the hole, this enhances flushing and hole accuracy.

T45 Extension Drill Rod

T45 MF ROD 1220MM ,1525MM ,1830MM ,3050MM ,3660MM ,4270MM  

Male/Female (M/F) Steel

Male/Female drill steel provides more rigid connections and is easier to uncouple and handle. The service life also tends to be better than with separate couplings. This is fortunate because the coupling end cannot be replaced.

T45 Extension Drill SteelT45 Round Drill Steel

The advantages of drilling with M/F extension drill steel include: easy handling, quicker uncoupling, tighter connections and the

potential to drill straighter holes.

MF/MM Extension Drill Rods


PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: Extension Drilling Rod for Bench Drilling, Long Hole Drilling Underground Catalogue

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