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Model KING Diamond Sharpening Caps

  • Size: 7mm,12mm,13mm
  • Shape: Ballistic
  • Type: King

Model KING Diamond Sharpening Caps

Product details

Diamond Grir nding Cups , Drill Bit Sharpener

G200 pneumatic grinding mahcine using all type of Diamond Grinding Cups, Grinding Caps, Grinding Pins , which are made by super quality diamond abrasive materials by rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill, designed for hand held air button bit grinder, or semi-auto button bit grinder, grinding pin diameter to fit bit size from 7mm-26mm, shape: Dome, Semi-Ballistic, Ballistic, Type: King, SVK, CME, Altas. 

Tapered , threaded button bits with spherical, or ballistic buttons are reground to a perfect finish in this our ProDrill air button bit grinder, equipped with diamond-coated grinding wheels 

SVK type:



Diamond Charpening Cap dia. 7 mm KING type , with internal hexagon Ballistic 


Diamond Charpening Cap dia. 12 mm KING type , with internal hexagon Ballistic 


Diamond Charpening Cap dia. 13 mm KING type , with internal hexagon Ballistic

King type:

2 (2)

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online:  Diamond Grinding Cups Catalogue

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