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PD90 Piston Rock Splitter

PD90 Piston Rock Splitter

PD90 Piston Rock Splitter

Product details

Prodrill has been developing equipments in two categories:
manual type and mechanical type.
The manual type is light and handy enough for a man worker.
The mechanical type is heavy and operated on a mounted excavator by the excavator operator.The manual type is good for small or narrow work sites.
Mechanical type is for large scale work sites where large amount of hard rock is to be removed rather speedily.
Prodrill offers manual type splitters and mechanical type splitters.
These splitters are piston type cylinders with piston rods inside Qty from 3-8 pcs
A manual type cylinder is light and portable for hand-held operation.
A mechanical type cylinder is heavy and controlled by excavator only.
Different size of diameter is available for the user's convenience.
Model NO: PD90 Piston Rock Splitter System
PD90 piston rock splitter including :
Piston splitting clyinder 3-8 pcs x 90mm dia piston rock splitters
Electric pump or Diesel engine.
Electric pump with motor power of 11KW, 380V, 50HZ.
Diesel motor output 18 HP with water cooling


Each piston cylinder produces splitting force of 600 tons. 146MM of cylinder diameter , 152 mm for hole diameter.

Each piston cylinder produces splitting force of 260 tons. 90MM of cylinder diameter , 90MM for hole diameter.

PD Piston Rock Splitter Data Sheet:

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