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Integral Drill Steel-L800 D34

  • Series 11:
  • Length: 700mm
  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Hex Shank: 22*108mm

Integral Drill Steel-L800 D34

Integral Drill Rod
Integral Drill Rod
Integral Drill Rod
Integral Drill Rod

Product details

Rock drilling tools ProDrill provides a variety of integral drill steel and plug hole rods in a full range of lengths and steel hex diameters for all of your hand-held pneumatic drilling needs.

Integral drill rod's shank sizes 82.5 mm*22mm(3 1/4”*7/8”), 108mm*22mm(4 1/4”*7/8”), 108mm*25mm(4 1/4”*1”), 159,*25mm(6 1/4”*1). Lengths: 400mm to 6400mm(1’4”-21’). Head diameters: 27mm to 40mm.

Integral Drill Steel

Integral drill rod, another name called integral drill steels, integral rods are used by hand held rock drill in granite and marble quarries, underground mining, for small blasting hole drilling shank H22x108mm, H19x108mm, and standard hex. Bit diameters include 20-42mm,different lengths are available from 400mm to 6000mm usually. 

Integral Drill Rods, Length 32mm & 34mm

It can reduce the expense of impact energy, improves the drilling speed and efficiency, also it can be used for drilling bore hole diameter from 30mm to 41mm usually. Each rods use premium quality alloy steel and excellent quality tungsten carbide to assure.

Integral Drill Rods, Length 32mm & 34mm

Integral Drill Rods

Integral Drill Rod

On request, we can supply integral and plug hole rods to custom lengths and gauges. At rock drill bits ProDrill, we use the finest raw materials available, including premium steel and top quality carbide.

Dia 20 mm integral drill rod for Y6 ,Y8,Y10 for stone work ,:

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online:  Integral Drill Steels for Small Hole Drilling Catalogue

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