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ODEX140 Eccentric Casing System

  • Casing Tube Outer Dia.: 168mm:
  • Casing Tube Inner Dia.: 148-156mm:
  • Reamed Hole Dia.: 185mm:
  • Casing Shoe Inner Dia.: 140mm:
  • DTH Hammer Type: HD55 QL50:
  • Drill Pipe: 89mm:

ODEX140 Eccentric Casing System

Product details

For small-hole sizes, rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill produces the ODEX Eccentric Overburden Drilling System, rock drill bits starting with the ODEX140 to suit 168mm O.D. casings. This two-piece system comprises the shank bit holder and the eccentric pilot bit that is secured in the bit holder by a double interlocking pin. This is easily removed to allow for bit sharpening or replacement. ProDrill ODEX overburden drilling systems are widely used in a variety of applications from well drilling and mini pilling to rock anchoring and site investigation


Application Range

It is suitable for drilling water wells, geothermal wells, short micro piles ,medium mini-type grouting hole of building, dam and harbor project.

1. When drilling starts, the reamer swings out and reams the pilot-hole wide enough for the casing tube to slide down behind the drill bit assembly
2. When the required depth is reached, rotation is reversed carefully, whereupon the reamer swings in , allowing the drill bit assembly to be pulled up through the casing.
3. Casing tubes that are to be left in the drill hole should be sealed at the bottom of the hole by means of cement grout or some other sealing agent.
4. Drilling continues to the desired depth in the bedrock using a conventional drilling

Over Burden Casing Drilling System:

A set of overburden drilling system in reaming and retracting.

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ODEX140-P Eccentrix Overburden Casing System

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