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CrackMax High Range Soundless Cracking Agent (HSCA) for rock breaking

  • Prodrill High Range Soundless Cracking Agent ( HSCA ) are Non-explosive demolition Agents for Rock breaking, concrete demolition in quarrying, mining and construction.:

CrackMax High Range Soundless Cracking Agent (HSCA) for rock breaking

Product details

CrackMax High Range Soundless Cracking Agent( HSCA ), Calcium Oxide is a new commercial product which is an alternative to explosives and gas pressure blasting products used in rock demolition, and granite,marble,sand stone quarrying.

How to produce CrackMax Hign Range Soundless Cracking Agent ( HSCA ) 

The use of the non-explosive demolition agents in rock demolition or quarrying is very easy, holes are simply drilled in the base rock like they would be drilled with the conventional explosives. Then a slurry mixture of the non-explosive demolition agent and water poured into it. Over the next few hours the slurry expands, cracks the rock in a pattern just like as it would occur with a conventional explosives.

CrackMax High Range Soundless Cracking Agent (HSCA) offers many advantages including the fact that it’s silent and do not produce vibration the way a conventional explosive would. In some applications conventional explosives are more economical than non-explosive demolition agents. In many countries these are available without restriction unlike explosives which are highly regulated.

These CrackMax high range soundless cracking agents are much safer than explosives, but as any other products it is important to follow directions closely in order to avoid steam explosions during the first few hours after these materials are placed. High Range Soundless Cracking Agent is a non-explosive demolition agent that has the ability to safely demolish rock, reinforced concrete and cement without producing noise, vibration, debris launches or environmental pollution. Carrying out the demolition HSCA requires only the drilling of the rock or cement to be able to drain the HSCA and water mixture into the holes. The demolition is completed with utmost safety without the use of any protection as in the case of conventional explosives.

HSCA Type Temperature level
C1 25ºC-40ºC
C2 10ºC-25ºC
C3 5ºC-10ºC
C4 40ºC-55ºC

Note: The HSCA C4 Type is specially designed for the Saudi Arabia extremely high temperature .

CrackMax HSCA High Range Soundless Cracking Agent
CrackMax HSCA advantages:
1. The fastest cut speed, and the most powerful expansive pressure, C1, 35ºC,30 Mpa at 8 hrs, 55 Mpa at 24 hrs. C2, 25ºC,20 Mpa at 8 hrs,45Mpa at 24 hrs.
An average of 5-6 hours to safely demolish rocks
2. Suitable even for non free surface and very tough rocks fracture, like the case of the Saudi Makkah area.
3. Safe, without blown-out shot during usage.
4. Strongest packing that assures a safe transportation.
5. The CaO percentage is 95% higher than in the expansive mortar.
6. Oversize horizontal rotary kiln.
7. HSCA is in grey or balck.
8. Max hole diameter for HSCA is 45-65mm, normally diameter is from 30-40mm.
9. Burning temperature of HSCA is over 1450 Degree Celsius.
10. The HSCA C4 is specially designed for the extremely high temperature zones like the case of Saudi.


Mr.President Simon of ProDrill with Saudi clients to guide CrackMax excellent Calcium Oxide ( High Range Soundless Cracking Agent )usage in Abha,Taif ,Mecca,Saudi.


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