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Cop1838-T38-435 Shank Adapter

  • Code No.: Cop1838-T38-435
  • Thread Type: T38
  • Length: 435mm
  • Rock Drill Type: Cop1838
  • Rock Drill Manufacturer: Atlas Copco

Cop1838-T38-435 Shank Adapter

Shank Adapter
Shank Adapter
Shank Adapter
Shank Adapter
Shank Adapter
Shank Adapter
Shank Adapter

Product details

ProDrill Shank Adapters cover world main drill rigs brands and drifter as follows : - Atlas Copco (COP1238, COP1840, COP1638, COP1838, COP2150, COP2550, COP2160, COP2560)
- Furukawa (HD609, HD709, HD612, HD712)
- Sandvik (HL500, HL600, HL700, HL800, HL1000, HL1500, HLX5)
- Ingersoll Rand (YH65, YH70, YH80, YH60, YH135)
- Montabert (HC109, HC158, HC120, HC150, HC80)
Rock drilling tools
 Shank adaptor
or shank adapter, the task of the shank adapter is to transmit rotation torque, feed force, impact energy and flushing medium to the drill string. 

T38-435 Shank AdapterT38-435 Shank Adapter

Shank adapters – one of part of rock tools to connect rock drill drifter hammer to extension drill rods carburized and manufactured with tight tolerances and controlled straightness.

Cop1838-T38-435 Shank Adapter:

T38-435 Shank AdapterT38-435 Shank Adapter

T38-435 Shank Adapter Packaging:

T38-435 Shank Adapter PackagingT38-435 Shank Adapter Packaging

ROCK DRILL with Shank Adapter

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: Shank Adapter Catalogue

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