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Tapered Chisel Bit with cooper insert

  • Code No.: Y1-34-722-76,Y1-42-722-76
  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Length: 76mm
  • Tapered Degree:
  • Carbide Dimension: 12mm*8mm, 9.8mm*13.5mm
  • caebide Grade:YK15.6:
  • Water Holes: 2 on side

Tapered Chisel Bit with cooper insert

Tapered Chisel Bit
Tapered Chisel Bit
Tapered Chisel Bit
Tapered Chisel Bit
Tapered Chisel Bit

Product details

Tapered chisel bits from rock drill bits factory ProDrill, suitable for mining of black metal mines(such as iron mine, manganese etc), nonferrous metal mine(such as gold, silver, copper etc), marble and granite etc. Its drilling depth usually is 15m-18m in case of hardness grade F8-14. At present, we offer rock drill bits including Horse Shoe Bits and Chisel bits. Chisel is more popular in Saudi Arabia, and it's suitable for hard rock drilling.

34mm Diameter Tapered Chisel Bit

It is widely used in drilling holes with a depth size less than 5 meters and diameter scope in 20-45 mm by light-duty hand hold drills, like Y6, Y10, Y24, major use in natural dimensional stone quarry for small hole drilling, block's trimming and 2nd splitting for small blocks. To match Hexagonal 22 mm and Hexagonal 12 mm’s tapered drill steel with 4/6/7/11/12 degree. 

Horse Shoe Tapered Drill BitTapered Chisel Bit

All tapered chisel bit are made with high quality of raw material through special heat treatment, The deliver capacity are very strong and can completely meet customer’s requirements on delivery design.

7 Degree Tapered Drill BitTapered Chisel Bit


PDFFor more details please view PDF online: Tapered Chisel Bits for Small Hole Drilling Catalogue

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