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KU-10 Underground Mining Truck

KU-10 Underground Mining Truck

KU-10 Underground Mining Truck

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Mining trucks, dump trucks dedicated to underground mining and transportation of rock, can be driven on level drifts, inclined shafts and ramps, with a typical distance of 300 to 3000 m. This type of truck is used in conjunction with a scraper and has the advantages of large transport capacity, high production efficiency, and flexibility.

The best power system is matched to give full play to the system performance, and there is a certain reserve of power and strong power.

Low fuel consumption, low emissions of pollutants, low noise, environmental protection and energy conservation.
The components have strong versatility, low operation and maintenance costs, and good economy.
The chain protection function is complete. When the vehicle stops or the vehicle fails, the vehicle is automatically in braking state, which is safe and reliable.
Ergonomically designed, air-conditioned closed cab, cushioned seats, visual operator interface, comfortable ride, and maximum visibility.
Central articulated body, power steering, good passability.

Swing body, to ensure full four-wheel landing, great traction.
The steel structure of the car body is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, CNC cutting, gas shielded welding, overall processing, surface shot peening and high mechanical strength.
Scraper buckets are specially designed for wear parts such as shovel blades and side blades. They are made of wear-resistant materials and have low scooping resistance.
According to customer needs, optional remote control operating system, automatic fire fighting system, active safety monitoring system, automatic weighing system.


For more details please watch PDF online:  内容附件: KU-10 DUMP TRUCK Technical Data

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