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ProDrill Served Saudi granite quarry 15 years

06 Sep 2016

The world famous stone country- Saudi,

In natural dimension stone industry, Saudi is a very famous country for export natural stone, especially granite, such as Tropical Brown, Golden Leaf, very famous and popular in building materials, China is the largest importer of Saudian granite blocks, now ProDrill served Saudi granite quarrying market for more than 15 years, main products : TY24C hand held rock drills, Integral Drill Steels, Integral Steel Pneumaitc Grinder, Grinding Stone, Grinding Wheels, Tapered Chisel Bits 7 degree red color, R32 flame jet burner, Air hose, belong to Small-hole driling tools series, our high quality quarrying consumables, and tools at very competitive price win most of quarry owner with a very positive name and feedback,

now ProDrill is No.1 brand for Saudi granite quarry market, the best choise for quarry owners, and distributors.


Small-hole drilling tools included tapered chisel bit, every year consumption Q’ty reach 50,000 pcs. For grinding integral drill steels, 80% quarry owner are using our Integral Steel Grinders and grinding stone, grinding wheels, total 10,000 pcs about per year.

and CrackMax Expansive Mortar ( Stone Cracking Powder ) order reached 50 containers per years. total : 1300 tons.


We continuously improve our business services to create max. valves for our clients.


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