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Galfer, a Spanish firm with ProDrill deal Rock Tools for 10 years

20 Feb 2023

Galfer Import SL is a diamond tools for stone distributor, in Vigo, Spain in 2002, imported stone tools from China at 0.5 million USD, from 2003, ProDrill start to serve Galfer company, start mining and construction tools, including DTH hammer, DTH bit, tapered and threaded button bits, MF Rod, and Shank Adaptor, excavator teeth, first mineral test is limestone quarry, under ProDrill strong support, test time cost us nearly 8 months for mining field, and test period is 6 months for DTH bit and hammer, used in water well drilling at project starting time. Now top hammer bit and rods business are going up a lot, in 2015, one year sales amount reach $ 3 millions for rock tools importing, and win a very good name in mining and construction in Spain, now this company become our sole agent partner to charge this Spain market. More and more miner owners like ProDrill rock tools, especially top hammer bit and Down the hole DTH bits, Quality can reach 90% European brand, and rate less more than 30%, and keep sufficient stock for standard T38, T45, T51, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm assure 10 days to delivery after ordering.




Mr. Moises, Director of Galfer Import SL, talking with clients in Norway


Mr. Moises, Director of Galfer Import SL, making speech with clients in Norway


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