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FS engineer contracting company

09 Oct 2016

TFS engineer contracting company is from Bangkok, Thailand, Time of our cooperation is 2008 after Bauma fair at same year, this company enjoy our top hammer drill bit ‘s quality consistent and reliable, so far total 8 years serving time, there are no any complain about quality and performance, monthly repeated order Q’ty 300-500 pcs for stable and regular purchase, Main threaded button bit sizes : T38/T45/T51, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm, standard skirt body, and retract skirt body, face type is flat, Drop Centre, Uniface. Also TFS active feed back for drilling life meter, can very close oversea world first brand such as Atlas Copco, Sandvik, using in bench drilling for limestone quarrying, and metal mining. Also TFS also appraise our rock drilling service, design and produce the special button drill bits as per their rock formation and condition, such as Q9-T38-64 retract and uniface deisgn, completely replace the oversea original drill bit to certainly save up not small drilling charges and higher

Working efficiency, according to Mr. T engineering technical director after a work site test say to our sales team: “ ProDrill is art products to enjoy your eyes, new design uniface top hammer drill bit series has excellent performance, has wear resistance and high breakage resistance due to the presence of extra toughness in the T6 cemented carbide. The Retrac and Drop Centre designs ensure high penetrate rates, long services life, and hole straightness. The new Drop Centre design provide superior rock crushing properties and more efficient crushing properties, and assure imported distribution of energy to crush the rock when compared with traditional designs. On the other hand, the retrac design offer superior hole straightness throughout the entire service life of the bit for any rock condition and formation “.

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