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Forbuk Import As from Norway

16 Feb 2023

Forbuk Import A. S from Norway



 Mr. Simon Hu , Director of ProDrill Equipment,  enjoying in discovery world famous Prekestolen ,

Stavanger , Norway with Forbuk Import A. S team.


Norway's Prekestolen Peak, also known as the Prayer Peak, is located opposite the Kjerag Plateau.

It is a 604-meter-high cliff with a platform of 25 ㎡ on the top. It is also known as the "preacher's podium".


FJELLSPREKK SUPER is a famous brand of High Range Soundless Cracking Agent ( H S C A )

manufactured by ProDrill from 2004, the earliest HSCA R& D company, and also earliest

exporting this materials to Norway, Europe for granite quarry, rock demolition, concrete cracking etc.

for 6 years working with us, now Forbuk now has been the biggest supplier of Non- explosive demolition agent

in Norway.




HSCA loaded in dry cargo container, packaged by steel drum 20 kgs per each





HSCA loaded in dry cargo container, packaged by steel drum.  


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