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Compensation Principles for Drilling Tools

21 Aug 2018

In order to facilitate our customers to understand the guarantee commitments and processing standards about the quality of the down-the-hole drilling tools products of our company and enhance communication and contact between us, the following principle and standards are specially drawn up for the customer to refer to.

1. If the following two cases happened, we would give 100% compensation: if drill bit body for granite and quartz sandstone is broken with less than 1/2 service life or if there are consecutive two or more guage buttons broken before 1/7 abrasion of the guage buttons.
2. If 2 or more whole carbide buttons completely detach from the button hole with less than 1/4 service life of the drill bit, you can return it to our company for maintenance.
3. We will record the number for the drill bits which should be compensated. If the body is broken or the button is off again, we will not re-compensate it.
4. There is no compensation for broken button, drop piece or broken body of the drill bit if they are caused by improper operation or other human factors or driving reinforced concrete, etc.
5. Generally there is no compensation for broken body, drop piece, broken button or drop button of the drill bit if the drill bit body and carbide buttons have worn severely.
6. When used on soft rock such as limestone, decomposed rock, coal mine and so on or on iron ore which is very hard and of great resistance, the occurrence of broken body, drop piece and lost button, broken button to the drill bit shall not be compensated by our company.
7. When high-pressure drill bits customers require the installation of side button, sharp button, ballistic button, or parabolic button, the occurrence of broken button, lost button, and drop piece shall not be compensated.
8. Special shaped drill bit under the following circumstances shall not be compensated: 3-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 100mm; 4-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 130mm; 5-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 152mm; 6-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 185mm; 8-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 245mm; 10-inch drill bit, head diameter greater than 305mm.
9. When changing the drill pipe, due to stop of air pressure and other causes, the DTH Hammer for water wells, geothermal, or underwater operations stop working or have excessive wear and tear inside for inflowing water, mud, sand and so on, we can help customers to take apart and wash them, but we are not responsible for compensation.
10. In the early use of the DTH Hammer, rupture appears on parts such as external cylinder, piston and drive chuck etc., the broken parts can be compensated.
11. Our company will not be liable for compensation of broken piston in the following circumstances: the external cylinder of the DTH Hammer has been replaced; the DTH Hammer usage exceeds the limitation of 5 thousand km or improper operations (e.g. no oiling).
12. Our company will not be liable for compensation of broken pistons and bits in the following circumstances: air pressure exceeds 15bar for a 3-inch DTH Hammer, 20bar for a 4-inch DTH Hammer, 23bar for a 5-inch DTH Hammer, 25bar for a 6-inch DTH Hammer, and 35bar for an 8-inch DTH Hammer.
13. When unusual events (same unusual damage occurring to 2~3pcs bits) happen during the bulk use of our bits, please contact our company or supplier as soon as possible and suspend using the remaining products. We will offer service in time to handle the case (e.g. replacement). No compensation shall be allowed if no contact is made and the products continue to be used.
14. Handling process: in case of above-mentioned events while using our drilling tools, user shall firstly send damaged products (the shank must be reserved) to our Production & Technology Department. Our company will reply within a week in accordance with the quality and service commitment and treatment standard.
15. When any other disputes occur, residues shall be sent back to our company and two parties negotiate a settlement.
If there is dispute on above principles and criteria, our company is responsible for an explanation.







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