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Overview of our country's Drilling Tools Industry and Product Types for Rock Drills (I)

08 May 2021

一、Classification of rock drilling tools and engineering drilling tools

According to the action principle of rock drilling tools when breaking rock, rock drilling can be divided into: 1. Impact drilling, 2. Rotary cutting, 3. Rotary crushing, 4. Rotary grinding, etc.

According to the design structure and applied characteristics of drilling tools, rock drilling tools can be divided into: 1.Top hammer rock drilling tools, 2.Down-the-hole rock drilling tools, 3. Mining tricone rock drills Tools, 4. Reverse patio rock drilling tools, 5. Mechanical cutting (including TBM) and pavement milling planer tools, 6. Geological exploration drilling tools, etc.

二、At present, the output value of ourcountry\'s main brazing steel products

By the end of 2016, the output value of China\'s drill steel and drilling tools industry (excluding hollow steel, geological cemented carbide, and steel for rock drilling tools) was about 8 billion yuan, and the proportions of its product categories are roughly as follows:

  1. Drilling tools for light rock drilling machinery (H22mm tapered connection rod, D38-42mm diameter single chisel、button-shaped tapered connection drill bit, H19mm tapered connection rod, D32-36mm diameter tapered connection bit, integral Drill rod, etc.) about 25%.
  1. Drilling tools for pneumatic rail rock drills ( R32 metric thread 1.1m、 1.2m extension rod, thread connection light extension rod, D48-60mm diameter cross-shaped, button-shaped thread connection bit, connecting sleeve, guide rail pneumatic rock drill shank, etc.) about 0.8%.
  1. Drilling tools for hydraulic rock drills (excavatordrill rods, underground mining drill rods, open-air rock drill rods, threaded connection button bits, hydraulic rock drill tails, connecting sleeves, etc.) about 8%,
  1. Low and high air pressure down-the-hole drilling tools (low and high air pressure hammerand down-the-hole drill bits, drill pipes) are about 22%.
  1. Tricone drilling toolsfor miningand drilling tools for patio rigs (D250mm, D310mm diameter mining tricone bits, patio drill bits, roulettes, drill pipes, etc.) are about 8%.
  1. Drilling tools for metallurgical furnaces (drill pipes, drill bits, connectionsleeves, drill shanks, etc.) are about 6%.

7. Various pick drilling tools (pickers for coal mining machines, picks for engineering rotary drilling rigs, picks for pavement and municipal engineering machinery, picks for large-scale open-pit excavation machinery, picks for trench excavation machinery, etc.) about 20 %,

  1. Drilling tools for shield machines and trenchless drilling rigs (disc hobs, tooth hobs, scrapers, etc.) are about 8%.
  1. About 1.5% of other types of drilling tools.

Note: The statistical output value includes the output of enterprises other than Rock drilling steel and tools branch of China steel structure association.

三,Raw materials for our country\'s brazing steel and drilling tools industry

In terms of raw materials used in drill products, the domestic production of various hollow steel products is about 120,000-130,000 tons each year, with a market value of about 1.2 billion yuan.

Cemented carbide enterprises produce about 9,500-10,000 tons of tungsten carbide for various geological and mineral types (including tungsten carbide alloys for recycled mining), with a market value of nearly 4 billion yuan.

Manufacturers of drilling steel and tools consume various types of steel each year, which are about 18 ten thousand tons with a market value of nearly 1.3 billion yuan.

Annual consumption of raw materials: 1.2 billion + 4 billion + 1.3 billion = 6.5 billion.

The total annual output value of brazing steel and drilling tools is 8 billion - 6.5 billion = 15 billion (gross profit)

(usually we say: the output value of drilling tools is 8 billion + the output value of raw materials is 6.5 billion, and the industrial output value involved in the brazing steel and drilling tools industry is about 15 billion. )

四、Main types of drilling tools in our country

At present, there are nearly 200 manufacturers in the domestic drilling steel and tools industry, mainly small enterprises. The main products produced are:

  1. Hollow steel for rock drilling, 2. Drilling tools for light rock drills, 3. Drilling tools for hydraulic rock drill rigs, 4. Drilling tools for down-the-hole rigs, 5. Tricone drilling tools for mining, 6. For metallurgical furnaces Drilling tools, 7, various pick drilling tools, 8, various shield machine tools, etc., a total of eight series of drilling tool products.

4.1 , Hollow steel products for rock drilling

4.1.1:Hollow steel for light rock drill rod

Specification: H19mm、H22mm、a small qty of H25mm、A small amount of diamond hollow steel。

Material: 55SiMnMo, 40SiMnCrNiMo ( Z708 )、95CrMo55-60Si2Mn

Capacity: about 8-10(ten thousand )tons/ year

4.1.2;Hollow steel for extension rod of guide rail pneumatic rock drill

Specification: D32mm,

Material: 35SiMnMoV、55SiMnMo、20CrMnTi, etc.

Capacity: about 2000 tons/ year

4.1.3 Hollow steel for hydraulic drill rod

Specification: H28mm、H32mm、D32mm、H35mm、D38mm、D45mm、D51mm,D56mm、D60mm、64mm

Material: 20 - 22CrNi3Mo、24SiMnNi2CrMo( FF-710)

Capacity: about 8000-9000 tons/year

4.1.4 Hollow steel for metallurgical furnace drilling tools

Specification: D32、D38、D45,

Material: 45#、42Mn 55SiMnMo、other alloy structural steel

Capacity: the output of hollow steel enterprises is about 7000-7500 tons/year. Among them, the largest number of hollow steel is that of diameter D38mm.

In addition, some domestic steel pipe manufacturers supply D38 diameter thick-walled pipes, the quantity is unknown.

At present, there are more than ten hollow steel manufacturing enterprises in China, of which: 5 enterprises use mechanical drilling-hot rolling with core. The raw material is 150mm billet and the length is 1500-2500mm. The domestic deep hole drilling machine is used for drilling. Among them, 3 enterprises use semi-continuous rolling mills, and the other two use horizontal rolling mills.

The remaining 5 enterprises use two-roll (three-roll) thermal piercing, three-roll reduction, and six-roll stand hot rolling (hot drawing) method. The raw material adopts D=55-90mm round steel bar.

Two of these hollow steel enterprises have steelmaking capability.

Hot piercing - hot rolled (drawn) hollow steel production line

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