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Overview of our country's Drilling Tools Industry and Product Types for Rock Drills (II)

08 May 2021

Production volume of main drilling tools in our country

5.1,Output of Drilling Tools for Light Rock Drilling Machinery

H22mm tapered connection drill rod. The current annual output is 80,000 tons/year, equivalent to 13 million pieces.

D38-42mm tapered connected in-line slice drill bit, about ~23 million pcs/year.

32-42mm tapered connection button bit ~ 11 million pcs/year.

Our views on the product problems and development trends of drilling tools for light rock drilling machines are:

Drilling tools for light-duty rock drilling machinery are currently the main domestic drilling tool products. The quality of the service life fluctuates greatly. Although it will still be the main drilling tool for tunnel construction in the future period. However, with the increase in labor costs and the strengthening of construction efficiency requirements, the use of this product will decrease year by year.

The output power of air-leg rock drills used in tunnels and underground metal mines will increase, and the requirements for the stability of the use of drilling tools will increase. The proportion of button bits in light drill bits will increase.

The market demand for high-quality drill rods (23CrNi3Mo material H22mm drill rods) will increase at home and abroad. Two suggestions are put forward for companies that produce drilling tools for light rock drilling machinery:

  1. Domestic companies that produce taperedconnectionrods should pay attention to the selection of hydraulic forging and brazing machines. It is best to choose a hydraulic forging and brazing machine with dual-cylinder compression, high extrusion power, high centering performance, and high strength and rigidity. It is ensured that there is no forging defect in the shoulder part, and no deviation of the axis of the shank of the shank and the axis of the drill rod body.
  1. The domestic and international market demand for taperedconnection button bits, especially high-quality products, will increase. Now many manufacturers producethis product industry too rough, especially the fixed tooth technology, enterprises with conditions should gradually adopt the hot embedded tooth technology.

5.2, D32 extension rod for guide rail mining bench

At present, a considerable part of our country\'s underground mine drilling tools for mining blast holes are D32-R32 metric thread length 1.1M, 1.2M extension drill, dia. 60mm ball five-tooth drill bit, connecting sleeve, and YYG90 drill bit.

The D32 extension rod is mainly used for drilling blast holes in underground metal mines. Use R32 metric thread connecting rod to drill, usually the drilling depth is 20-25 meters. At present, domestic drill tool enterprises produce 280,000-300,000 pieces of R32 metric threaded connection rods, nearly 80,000 pieces of D60mm diameter R32 metric threaded button bits, and about 14,000 shanks for YYG90 independent rotary guide type drilling rigs.

The 35SiMnMoV and 55SiMnMo steel used in drill pipes and shank tails can meet the requirements of drilling rigs.

This kind of drilling tool can only be used in domestic underground metal mines. With the limited production of some mines and the depletion of resources, the market demand may show a slow downward trend in the next period of time.

It is hoped that enterprises that produce this product will pay attention to the processing of R32 threads, improve the matching accuracy of the casing, and relatively balance the powder discharge grooves of the drill bit to ensure the straightness of the drilling.

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