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Overview of our country's Drilling Tools Industry and Product Types for Rock Drills (III)

11 May 2021

Drilling tools for hydraulic rock drilling rigs

The main types of hydraulic drill rigs are: A. Drill rods and drill bits for underground tunneling drill rigs; B, Drill rods and drill bits for underground mining rigs; C, Drill rods and drill bits for outdoors rock drill rigs .

At present, the domestic drilling tool enterprises produce about 200,000 drill bits each year. About 2.1 million drill bits. among them:

A.The drill rods and bits of the underground tunneling drill car account for about 30% and 35% respectively; (because the drill car is not used in the construction of highway and railway tunnels in China, the drill rod is about 1/2, and the drill bit is about 2/3 foreign market)

B.Drill rods and bits for underground mining rigs account for about 10% and 15% respectively.

C.Drill rods and bits for open-pit rock drilling rigs account for about 60% and 50% respectively.

In addition, domestic drilling tool companies also produce about 80,000 shanks of various types of hydraulic rock drills and more than 60,000 connecting sleeves every year.

6.1 Drilling tools for hydraulic tunneling rig:

The main products are R38/T38--H35--R32, L=3090mm, 3700mm, 4300mm, 5525mm tunneling drill rods and D45mm, 48mm diameter threaded connection button bit.

We believe that the current status and development trend of drilling tools for drilling rigs in the future are:

As labor costs increase, safety measures are regulated, and domestic companies producing underground drilling rigs increase, the domestic demand of tunneling rigs will increase.

The quality of hollow steel and heat treatment equipment are one of the important factors that affect the quality of tunneling drill rods. There are many problems in the design of the working face of the drilling bit and the structure of the powder discharge slot, the machining accuracy of the bit body tooth hole, and the method of fixing the tooth.

6.2, Drilling tools for underground hydraulic mining rigs

Drilling tools of well hydraulic mining rig

At present, the fully hydraulic mining rigs used in large-scale underground metal mines in China are mainly Simba1254/1354 underground mining rigs produced by Atlas.Copco of Sweden. The drill rig adopts, COP1638 or COP1838HE series hydraulic rock drills, using T38, T45 threads, MF extension rods with length of 1530mm, 1830mm or mining drill rods, and D76mm, 89mm diameter threaded connection button drill bits. The varieties of underground mining drill tools mainly include:

T38-D39-T38X1220mm, T45-D46 -T45X1525mm, MF drill rod, tubular guide drill rod, D64/D76/D89mm button bit

Development Trend of Drilling Tools for Underground Mining Drill Machines

  1. To further strengthen the exploitation of underground metal mining resources is the development trend of domestic large-scale mines. The use of underground mining rigs will increase. If domestic drilling rig manufacturers can make progress in the manufacture of underground drilling rigs and underground hydraulic rock drills, this development trend will accelerate.
  1. The raw materials (hollow steel, cemented carbide) used for manufacturing underground mining drill tools, MF drill forging equipment, heat treatment equipment, perforation processing equipment, processing accuracy, tooth fixation technology, etc. have many contents that need to be improved.

6.3, Drilling tools for open-air hydraulic rock drill rigs

Open-pit hydraulic rock drilling rigs are mechanized rock drilling equipment that is used more frequently in domestic projects. The open-pit hydraulic rock drilling rigs being used in construction projects of hydropower, mining, mining, and quarrying are mainly Swedish Atlas Copco Company, Sand-vik Tamrock Company, and Japan Furukawa (Furukawa).

Compared with underground hydraulic drill rigs, open-pit hydraulic rigs have simpler performance requirements as well as wider range of sites. Various domestic construction machinery manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the production of multi-functional products, the use of various types of surface hydraulic drilling rigs will increase. The demand for products will also increase.

6.4, analysis of the development trend of hydraulic drill rods;

The crawler-type single-arm drill rig produced by the company.

When the construction unit purchse the new equipment, they will dispose the old type of drill rig that was originally to the private owner of the contracted project. The latter would be applied to the construction site in large quantities after refurbishment and repairs.

In addition, at the construction site, especially the foundation engineering excavation, site leveling blasting and other construction sites, there are also a large number of hydraulic chisels used by hydraulic excavators with drill arms, equipped with various types of hydraulic chisel, and modified. Rock drilling rig. It is estimated that the number of various types of open-pit hydraulic rock drilling rigs used in China is at least 5,000.

T38, T45, T51 threads, 3050mm 3660mm MF extension rods and connecting sleeves used in open-air hydraulic drilling rigs to connect rock extension rods, as well as D76mm, D89mm and 102mm diameter threaded connection button bits are required in the drilling tool market Larger products.

It can be considered that the market demand for hydraulic drilling tools will be in a long-term upward trend. Before 2013, there were only four enterprises producing drill rods in my country. In recent years, many drill tool factories have purchased equipment and added personnel to the production of drill rods. At present, more than ten enterprises have the qualification to produce drill rods. In addition, there are more than 20 domestic enterprises producing hydraulic drill bits.

At present, the main problem of domestic drilling tools is unstable quality and relatively low service life compared with foreign products. Regarding its existing problems, it is believed that the following aspects can be advanced:

The rock drill rod is used to transfer the energy of the hydraulic rock drill to break the rock under the conditions of impact, torsion, abrasion, and water corrosion. The working conditions are very extreme. Only on the basis of high-quality hollow steel guarantee, strict production process specifications can be formulated to produce high-quality drill rods.

Hollow steel for drill rods has high requirements on material properties, and the smelting process must strictly control various chemical and metal physical properties. In the rolling process, the deformation mechanism and geometry of the steel must be controlled.

Correctly select the forging (MF, tunneling drill rod), thread processing equipment and thread structure (SR), carburizing heat treatment furnace, cooling tower, tempering furnace, carbon control/temperature control instrument, etc. in the process of brazing.

At present, the domestically produced hydraulic drill bits can be divided into the following three types according to the different places of use:

Tunneling bits (D45mm, D48mm), because they are mostly used in large underground metal mines or export

Mining drill bits (D64, D76, D89mm) are mostly used in large underground metal mines or export,

Open-pit rock drill bit (D89, D02mm), mostly used in infrastructure projects, stone and cement mines, hydropower projects and other sites

After many years of statistics on the production volume of screw-connected button ball heads for hydraulic rock drill rigs of domestic drilling tool manufacturers, it is shown that domestic drilling tool companies produce about 2.1 million drill bits of various types each year. Among them, about 35% of drill bits are used for hydraulic tunneling rigs, about 15% are used for hydraulic underground mining rigs, and the rest are basically drill bits for open-pit hydraulic rock drill rigs.

Due to the small diameter of the drill bit for hydraulic tunneling rigs, the main rock objects drilled by the drill bit for hydraulic underground mining rigs are metal veins. Therefore, as of the high requirement of the wear resistance of the drill bit shell steel and alloy teeth, fatigue crack damage resistance, and the performance of alloy fixed teeth, manufacturers are more cautious in choosing the types of shell steel and alloy teeth, and mostly use materials with better performance indicators. In terms of fixed teeth technology, hot embedded teeth are basically used.

Open-pit hydraulic rock drilling rigs are widely used, including infrastructure excavation engineering, hydropower engineering, stone mining, building materials and cement mines, as well as construction site leveling and anchor hole drilling, etc., since the nature of the rock or soil being drilled Different, the advantages and disadvantages of drill bit products are not easy to highlight, so the quality requirements for drill bits are not as strict as the first two types of drill bits. Therefore, in order to control production costs, production companies have differences in the selection of raw materials and the process of fixing teeth.

Due to the harsh stress conditions when drilling rig bits, especially for tunneling rig bits, mining rig bits, and drill bits for open-pit drill rigs produced in Sweden, it is better to use medium carbon Cr-Ni-Mo steel and Good quality alloy button teeth, using high rigidity machining center to drill the tooth holes, special measuring tools to measure the tooth holes, vacuum heat treatment furnace quenching/tempering, hot embedded tooth technology, tooth fixation, shot peening strengthening, etc. which are the same as those of foreign drill tool factories Materials and processes. It is necessary to strengthen the analysis and research of tooth surface layout, flushing hole position, and powder discharge groove shape. The production site must ensure that there are various testing and measuring tools. Enterprises that produce drill bits are better to use hot-inserted tooth technology.

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