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Overview of our country's Drilling Tools Industry and Product Types for Rock Drills (IV)

11 May 2021

Drilling tools for down-the-hole drilling rigs

Among the types of products produced by domestic drilling tool enterprises, in addition to light-duty drilling tools for rock drilling machines, the products with greater market demand and rapid development are the drilling tools for down-the-hole drilling rigs. At present, there are more than 40 enterprises producing high and low wind pressure down-the-hole drilling tools in China. A production scale with an annual output of nearly 300,000 high-pressure and low-pressure impactors, nearly 4 million high-, medium-, and low-pressure DTH drill bits, and thousands of drill rigs (drill racks) has been formed. The annual output value (excluding Drilling rigs and drill stands) reached approximately RMB 2 billion.

7.1, Drilling tools for low-pressure down-the-hole drilling rigs;

At present, the annual output value of low-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools produced in our country accounts for about 30% of the total one of down-the-hole drilling tools. The production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Hubei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Fujian, Liaoning and other places. It is a product with fierce price competition in the market.

Well-known foreign drilling tool manufacturers adopt hot-insertion technology for all the

fixed teeth of the drill bit for hydraulic rock drill rigs

Support type low wind pressure down-the-hole drill and down-the-hole drill bit

7.2, high-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools

In recent years, with the increase in sales of high-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools in the market, the number of domestic drilling tools industry turning to high-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools production is also increasing. The annual output value of the products in the total output value of down-the-hole drilling tools is around 60%, and it is still showing an increasing trend year by year. Because high-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools are more stringent than low-pressure down-the-hole drilling tools in terms of product raw material selection, mechanical processing and heat treatment technology, corporate staff quality, production site and production equipment, product processing accuracy and quality control requirements, therefore, the current domestic production areas are mainly concentrated in Hunan, Hubei, Hebei, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Fujian and other places with a batch of enterprises with a proper production scale.

7.3 Status and development trend of down-the-hole drilling rigs

Our country is the main producer of down-the-hole drilling tools. The products have certain competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. It is necessary to attach importance to the establishment of a sales technical service team and establish a product brand concept.

The fields of use of down-the-hole drill bits include: rock drilling, geological and mineral exploration, engineering foundation pile construction, water well drilling, support anchoring, open-pit mine step blasting limit holes, complex stratum and pipe drilling, etc. The products of the manufacturing enterprises in the association are mainly concentrated in rock drilling products, and capable enterprises must pay attention to product expansion.

Now that the drilling rig industry is developing rapidly, pay attention to the development trend of integrated machinery and tools in the drilling rig industry.

Compared with large foreign manufacturers of drilling tools, there is currently no one enterprise that can produce a full range of products, let alone supporting the production of machinery and tools. Down-the-hole drilling tool enterprises have relatively strong equipment capabilities and technical strength. It is necessary to understand drilling machinery, construction methods, and accumulate knowledge for product extension.

In terms of down-the-hole drilling tool products, we can develop our own series of products and gradually form our own enterprise product field in the market.

Compared with hydraulic drilling tools, our country\'s down-the-hole drilling tools have greater development potential and broader market space. With the increase of manufacturing enterprises, we hope to enter a virtuous circle of development and avoid product price competition at the expense of cost reduction.

Tricone bits for mining

At present, several domestic enterprises producing mining tricones are mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan and other regions. Among them, Suzhou Xinrui Alloy Tools Co., Ltd. is the largest domestic manufacturer. On the market, tricone bits are mainly products with diameters of 250mm and 310mm. At present, due to the sluggish iron and steel industry and the reduction of surface vein resources in large open-pit iron mines, some open-pit iron mines have begun to reduce production or move to underground mining. In addition, in order to reduce production costs, some mines have begun to choose PDC diamond composite drill bits as drilling tools. Therefore, the domestic use of tricone bits has declined recently. In order to make up for the decline in domestic market demand, some manufacturers have increased their exports to Australia, South America, Eastern Europe and Mongolia to ensure a balanced sales market.

At present, there are only 3-4 domestic drilling tool manufacturers that produce rolling scraper bits for raised drilling tools, and the annual output value is only tens of millions of yuan. The products are mainly exported to the international market, and the utilization rate in domestic large-scale underground mines is not yet popular. .

The production of tricone bits requires considerable equipment (forging, machining, heat treatment) and production technology. At present, the company with the best domestic production equipment and product quality is Suzhou Xinrui Alloy Tools Co., Ltd.

In recent years, the number of enterprises involved in the production of roller cone bits has continued to increase. At present, the production of roller cone bits in the association are mainly enterprises in Suzhou, Anshan, Benxi, (Zhuzhou) and other places. The association hopes to strengthen ties with production enterprises in Jiangxi, Luoyang, Hubei, Hebei, Sichuan and other places.

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