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ProDrill tapered button bit and rods hot sales in Norway quarries

12 Jan 2017

ProDrill tapered button bit and rods hot sales in Norway quarries.

Norway is a mountain country in northern Europe; there are a lot of famous granite quarries in Norway country, especially Blue Pearl granite stone is world famous with silver galaxy shine flower to be popular in building materials for family houses, hotels etc. In 2016, ProDrill has been supplying huge tapered drilling tools to serve granite quarries in Norway. The following are main items and its specifications as for reference.

1. Tapered Drill Rods (GIII material):

H22*108*7° with length 508mm, 708mm, 908mm, 1108mm, 1308mm, 3108mm, 3608mm.

Tapered drill steel

2. Shank Rods:

H22*108*R22 with length 708mm, 1608mm.

3. Drifting Drill Steels:

MF-H25*R25 with length 600mm.

Drifting MF Drill Rod

4. Tapered Drill Bits:

Q7-7°22-65mm with diameter 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, 38mm, 42mm, 46mm.

7 Buttons 7 Degree Tapered drill bit

5. Reaming Tools:

Cross reaming bit φ64mm 6° with pilot adapter φ26mm L300mm R25;

Cross reaming bit φ76mm 12° with pilot adapter φ35mm L250mm R25;

6. Threaded Button Bits:

Q14-89-T45-Retrac, Q7-32-R22, Q7-46-R22, Q7-42-R25, Q7-46-R25.

Threaded Button Bit

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