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Introducing ProWire Diamond Multi Wire for Multi Wire Saw Machine

21 Mar 2017

ProWire Diamond multi wire is mainly used for processing granite, which is mainly composed of diamond wire, steel wire rope, fixed material plastic. It is closed loop, no connection, a plurality of diamond wire saw sawing and processing, with high cutting efficiency, cutting loss, machined surface formation, and can be based on the stone characteristics, choose a different formula for processing.

Diamond Multi Wire

Multi wire saw cutting granite sawing technology breakthrough technology is to replace the sand cutting stone slab, compared with the traditional sand saw, wire sawing of granite slabs with sawing stone high utilization rate, environmentally friendly, plate surface quality, high production efficiency, low comprehensive cost, with a diamond saw high added value, compared to gang saw and bearing steel grit.

Diamond Multi Wire

The cutting efficiency is 10-15 times higher than the traditional sand saw, and of stone sawing; sawing energy consumption far below sand saw no pollution; sawing process with low noise, small water and can be recycled; small amount of powder, easy to handle and can be used again; the device occupies small area.

Diamond Multi Wire

For example, Saudi Arabia\'s gold drill cutting granite, one-time can according to the equipment mounted multi wire saw (8,10, 18, 36, 42, etc.) the cutting efficiency is high, the knife can reach 8-12 (mm/min), average length of 3 meters height of 2 meters in the large 6-8 hours after cutting. Almost no noise generated during the cutting process, water is very small and small area without complicated equipment can be recycled, generated by the cutting pressure is very small, the stone itself some fracture blocks improve yield rate. At present, the main foreign stone countries such as Spain, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, CIS, Portugal, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries Chinese stone processing plant is installed or has been the introduction of diamond sawing machine group in order to improve the cutting efficiency and the environmental protection of stone slabs rigid demand. Diamond Multi Wire Saw is the most efficient cutting tools for Granite Stone Quarrying.

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