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Intermat Asean 2017 - Rock drilling tools manufacturer Prodrill Equipment

05 Dec 2017

The May day likes a song, Beijing is singing now:
“ One Belt and One Road” initiative the Beijing flag to the world,
One Belt and One Road” Summit Forum was held successfully.

Behind the unprecedented grand occasion, is the emotional appeal, is the great mind, the innovation and the wisdom of the Chinese leaders.


“One Belt and One Road” initiative is a new set of programs, it goes beyond the trade itself, concerns about the development of the entire human, which has a great significance around the world, is a big innovation of the human feelings.

The success of the International Cooperation Summit Forum is a demonstration and sublimation of an amount of the important in recent years of China. More than 100 countries in the world of recognition and participation.

A proposal, a forum, also encourages Chinese brazing with a more energetic spirit, once again sail. Wind and waves, heading for the third leg of the international exhibition --- Thailand “INTERMAT 2017 Construction Machinery Exhibition, open the key to open the ASEAN brazing market.

In recent years, Thailand\'s “eastern economic corridor” more efficient docking “One Belt and One Road” initiative, so that the former China - the Indo-China peninsula economic corridor is an important part. Along the line of economic development, market expansion is to make the physical and sustainable development of an important basis for sustainable development "

Thailand is strategically located in the heart of Asia. Thailand is currently the world\'s largest and fastest growing mining machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, drilling tools with a big market. The country\'s trade with China, India and ASEAN countries is very convenient, and can easily enter the Greater Mekong region, where the emerging market has great commercial potential.

Thailand is one of the founding members of ASEAN. The country is located in the center of ASEAN countries, geographical location, in addition to Thailand\'s 67 million people in the bustling market, but also is easy access to the region with a dynamic market, covering 600 million people. Since the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is fully launched in 2015, the Thai market is fully active and benefited.

With the continued growth of infrastructure and large public projects in Thailand, it is expected that the demand for housing and other real estate projects will continue to be upside, especially in mining, deep wells and basic engineering markets.

China\'s brazing steel industry in the market, in the ASEAN mining project market, ushered in unprecedented market opportunities and huge market policy (one belt and one road forum of international cooperation).

As a leading exporter, Xiamen PRODRILL Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is scheduled to participate the INTERMAT ASEAN 2017 of Bangkok from June 8 to 10 in Bangkok.

We hope that the new and old friends can come to PRODRILL’ booth (booth number: N15), welcome new and old customers to visit, negotiate; the exhibition time: June 10, 2010.

We will display the following products: top hammer drilling tools, large diameter foundation pile drilling rigs, deep well drilling tools, wells drilling tools, double pipe drilling tools, casing drilling tools, slider drilling tools, concentric drilling tools, Rotary drilling tools and DTH drilling Tools.

INTERMAT is an international exhibition of construction machinery and technology in Southeast Asia. Exhibits cover excavation machinery, scraping machinery, and concrete machinery, lifting machinery, road and pressure. Real machinery, pile mechanics, industrial vehicles, pneumatic tools, drilling machinery, drilling and other brazing tools. Include Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries in the infrastructure stage in the development stage, in the machinery, mining, wells engineering has more business opportunities.

Throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia, the entire mine, engineering industry, with a better product market, PRODRILL is specialized in drilling, drilling products export company, has a professional team, advanced service system and after-sales Tracking, can guarantee each customer\'s export, delivery and technical support. Hope that through this unique ASEAN exhibition, we will offer the majority of customers to bring more professional mine drilling, wells pile into the hole project solutions and products.

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