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Integral Drill Steel used for rock drill

03 Apr 2018


General Introduction:

Integral Drill Steels usually have forged collar, and are fixed length with a shank at one end and a bit at the other. This provides a hexagonal chuck section to provide leverage for the rotation chuck bushing. They are able to drill to a depth equivalent to their effective length. The bit may consist of a single chisel shaped tungsten carbide insert or four such inserts. Holes are typically drilled in 0.4m increments to accommodate the air-leg feed length. To drill deep holes (up to 2.0m), the rods are designed to be used in a series where the length of any rod used is longer and the head size is slightly smaller than the one used just before it in the sequence. To do this, a series of rods must be produced so that the bit diameter is reduced for each increase in length of rod to prevent jamming of the bit in the hole.


Integral Drill Steel is mainly used in small-hole drilling, such as stone quarrying, foundation drilling, tunneling, underground mining, road cutting, and trenching and so on, and equipped with small power rock drills, like air leg rock drills, hand held rock drills, etc. It can reduces the expense of impact energy, improves the drilling speed and efficiency, which can be used for drilling bore hole diameter from 23mm to 45mm usually.

Specification Overview:

Prodrill\'s integral drill steels are available in:

Shank Style Length Head Diameter
mm foot/inch mm inch
Hex19 × 108mm 400 ~ 4,000 1’ 4” ~ 13’ 1” 23 ~ 35 27/32 ~ 1 3/8
Hex22 × 108mm 400 ~ 9,600 1’ 4” ~ 31’ 6” 26 ~ 41 1 1/32 ~ 1 39/64
Hex25 × 108mm 600 ~ 6,400 1’ 11 5/8” ~ 21’ 33 ~ 45 1 19/64 ~ 1 25/32
Hex25 ×159mm 800 ~ 6,400 2’ 7” ~ 21’ 35 ~ 42 1 3/8 ~ 1 21/32

Note: The above table only indicates the most commonly used and produced products range, all of them are produced with chisel bit type, for cross bits type and other special requested products, please contact us with your requested details.

How to order?

Shank Style + Effective Length + Bit Diameter

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