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Prodrill Drifting and Tunneling Equipment

14 Dec 2016

Prodrill Drifting And Tunneling Equipment

Drilling set

For Sandvik DD442iE Tunneling and Drifter:

Sandvik DD422iE for tunneling and drifting

Drill Bits, Couplings, Shank Rods, and Tunnel Rods. Rod lengths from 2’(609.6mm) to 21’( 6400.8mm ) in 100R, 112R, 125R, R35 bit end threads with standard shank end thread types. Hex body of 7/8’’( 22.225mm ) to 1-1/2’’( 38.1mm ) and 1-1/4’’( 31.75mm ) round. Male/ Female Tunneling Rods are available in 1-1/4’’(31.75mm) round.

R Thread Button Bits

Has good wear properties
• It is ideal for single pass or short hole drilling such as underground tunneling application that require infrequent uncoupling
• It is available in sizes 22 mm-38 mm

R Thread Button Bits

Shank size is 22 x 108mm, and shank end drill rod end connect bit with thread way. Normally R22,R25,R32 for small hole. We manufacture shank end rods in the following threads: R22, R23, R25, R28, R32 mainly focus the stone quarrying such as granite, marble, limestone, sand stone quarries drilling, diameter of hole range from 38mm-50mm at most.

Shank Rod

The task of the shank adapter is to transmit rotation torque, feed force, impact energy and flushing medium to the drill string.

Male shank adapters are generally better suited for drifting, tunneling & extension applications where high bending stresses are present

Female shank adapters are used when the drilling space is limited and the total feed length is important (i.e., underground roof bolting)

Shank Adapter

Hex rod/Drifting drill rod.

These rods are typically more heavier than round rods and transfer energy more efficiently
• They have better flushing characteristics especially with horizontal drilling
• The rigidity of their cross section makes it possible to use a larger thread

Drifting rod

Round rod/Extension drill rod

• Normally used in extension drilling application

• They are available in large cross-sectional diameters
• Typically lighter than hexagonal rods of an equivalent size

Extension rod

If with coupling, drill rod with male to male thread type we call them M-M Rod, extension rod. If without coupling, drill rod with female to male thread type we call them MF rod, or speed rod, now more and more miner like to use MF rod in drilling and blasting for mining.

Coupling Section

Prodrill offers absolutely top quality drifting and tunneling equipment for mining and quarrying.

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