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In Peru, in Arequipa, during the mining years, I went to an appointment!

09 Oct 2023

From September 25th to September 29th, 2023, as a leader and pioneer in domestic professional drilling tool export+self media, digital sea going.


XIAMEN PRODRILL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD proudly debuted at the Peru International Mining Exhibition, marking the company's first foray into the mining heartland of Peru in South America.


This ongoing debut is undoubtedly a magnificent turn in life, a rebirth of entrepreneurial nirvana, and a carnival of mountains and rivers!


In Peru, in Arequipa, during the mining years, I went to an appointment, Have you come yet?


During the two days of the exhibition, the company's booth attracted a large number of visitors and partners to stop. These visitors showed strong interest in the company's exhibits and highly praised the innovation and development trends of mining drilling tools represented by the company.

During this process, our local partners warmly welcomed every visitor and provided them with a detailed explanation of our company's products and technologies in quarrying, mining, engineering, and water well drilling,

As one of the exhibitors in the drilling tool industry, the company has carefully planned and prepared to showcase the series of pneumatic rock drills, trolley drilling tools, down-hole drilling tools, rock tools, pneumatic tools, and alloy grinding tools,

Visitors, industry experts, and cooperating clients have expressed that the company's professional product support and integrated solutions for drilling tools are impressive and will become an important force for the development of the local small and medium-sized mining industry in the future.

The company has demonstrated its strength to the global mining industry in South America and Peru with a brand new image, leading technology, and excellent product quality.

The enthusiasm of foreign customers on site was high, and they were overwhelmed, almost forgetting to sleep and eat. On September 26th, the second day of the event, domestic mining giants also arrived, heading straight to the theme!


Wind moves, sail moves, it's better to be moved. At the moment of excitement, it's at the Cerro Juli Convention and Exhibition Center in Arequipa!


Leaders of Chinese enterprises in Peru, such as Shougang, Minmetals, Chinalco, and Zhongyan, have visited XIAMEN PRODRILL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD booth and expressed strong interest in XIAMEN PRODRILL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD main rock static explosion and gas explosion product series, especially the mining self media operated by the company, with high praise.

The South American leaders of Minmetals Group stated that telling the story of Chinese mining companies is crucial for their influence in Peru. The original work written by Mr. Hu for this mining conference has caught my attention.


His high-quality original content provides inspiration and inspiration for Peruvian Chinese enterprises in digital media marketing and promotion efforts, and also injects vitality into Chinese exhibitors. It's rare to be able to speak the good voice of Chinese miners in Spanish and English!

This exhibition is hosted by the Peruvian Association of Mining Engineers and held grandly at the Cerro Juli Convention and Exhibition Center in Arequipa, Peru. It is held every two years and is one of the most important multidisciplinary professional conferences and technology exhibitions in the mining industry in Latin America, with a wide international influence.

The Peru Mining Exhibition, as an important event in the global mining industry, not only provides a platform for communication and exhibition for mining enterprises from various countries, but also injects new vitality and momentum into the development of global mining. We look forward to the future development of mining industry here, and we also wish our colleagues in the global mining industry a full harvest and create brilliance together at this carnival!


Looking forward to the last 3 days, heart rate, heart rate acceleration moment, be with us!


Chinese miners, Chinese drilling operators, come on!

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