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Don’t panic, the foreign trade company ’s life is very hard

09 Mar 2020

From February 4th to 17th, four of our foreign trade partners arrived in Saudi Arabia on the last flight, working 12 hours a day, tiredly, working in the desert mines, inconvenient to eat and sleep. It is indeed a big problem 2 weeks.

From the site selection of the mine, surface cleaning, hole placement, rock drilling, machine adjustment, wiring, landfill, aeration, test explosion, local TV media press conference preparation!

Get the news today: The Saudi Ministry of the Interior will approve this project, bringing epoch-making new technology products to Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and the global drilling and blasting industry.

Good technology is either good for the Chinese or just good. It is really good for the whole world to use it and use it well. Exporting the great mission of Chinese intellectual manufacturing is the original intention of foreign trade people to go to sea for 40 years!

There are many good things. The first problem I encountered was that the rock cutting speed of Swedish Sandvik was amazing, and the verticality of the hole formation was scary. The 76 mm blasted steel pipe could not be smoothly inserted into the 90 mm hole. 10 holes can be punched, and 2 can be used. , Wasting a lot of drilling time, the mine owner was anxious to jump off the cliff.

It only took more than 3 days to prepare. The new technology press conference on February 9 could not be postponed. The local Mecca TV station also set a stall period. It was decided to replace the 89mm thread ball drill with 102mm. It was OK and only 50% of the problems were solved. Requires changing the guide and easy-return drill head to ensure the orientation of the hole, which is out of stock. In this way, you can only return to the hotel in the middle of the night when you change time and space!

The press conference of the new technology press conference was very successful. The speech response was hot, and the inquiry was continuous. Plan a time conference and it will end in 3 hours.

In the next few days, the wheels are turning, people are running, Mecca to Taif, Taif to Jeddah, from the hill to the hill, running into the construction site, entering the factory, customer exchange, market research, participating in learning Talking about getting a price, stone people and drill people are always related to stones.

Expert of Hunan DTH drilling tool, Mr. Wang Xiang, chairman of Zhuzhou "Jingleixin" drilling tool, said: Deal with stone every day, make money every day,

When encountering a stone, “saw” it, the steel sand is sharp, the sand saw is not lost, and the group saw is advanced.

Traditional granite sand saw for nearly 30 years, I have at least 15 years of feeling for sand saw, saw blade and steel sand. Granite sand saw is China\'s largest stone country in the world. , A huge creature, standing in a row, moving, loud voice, strong rhythm, majestic momentum, magnificent power, shock coming.

Appeared only 5 years ago, the diamond group saw cut granite blocks open, more civilized, quieter, fast-tracking, accurate cutting, and ascendant.

Eighteen years ago, I was one of the first foreign trade business managers to learn Italian sand saw operation technology. I was also the first in the country to be able to speak English and operate Italian sand saws, not at home, but abroad, such as staying in Saudi Arabia for half a year and one factory serving another.

Thinking of today, some salesmen who are quick to make a profit and enter the brazing tool industry, stone industry, go out "one-on-one" in a year and a half, thinking that knowing the company\'s factory, customer information can go out to make a lot of money, how can it be so simple and rude.

What kind of bad intentions, always know the company\'s business information, short-term business staff, ultimately unable to achieve the growth of the whole process of foreign trade life, becoming an industry elite, the Internet is much better than 15 years of development, customer acquisition is not easy, but the Big customers take time to settle.

But there is no professional diving in the industry for 3 to 5 years. Who knows you abroad, especially a super big customer, without 10 years of cooperation and service strength, you cannot become their dish! Don\'t listen to him talking all the time, just talk to you, there is no platform, and how big your dancing skills are.

For foreign trade people, this year\'s way of opening is indeed not friendly enough, but we should think more about how to spend this winter and great difficulties.

Many people are worried about this epidemic. Now various industries are in depression. Foreign trade and order acceptance are inherently difficult. In addition to this shock, it is estimated that many foreign trade companies will face a crisis of closure.

You always eat and consume when you are alive. Where do your income come from, or go to work and make money? Don’t be scared by life or scared by the epidemic. Natural disasters and man-made calamities are disasters that cannot be avoided, and it is the greatest competitiveness that they do not hang up before the calamity.

On Sunday, the 16th, I went to a customer meeting in Riyadh. When I entered the door and said something, a Saudi national television station reported that a Chinese person entered Jeddah on the 10th. His temperature was found to be a little high and he was sent directly to the local hospital for isolation and treatment.

That night the guy was so scared that he didn\'t sleep all night and kept shouting. He jumped off the balcony and committed suicide on the 11th morning, which shocked local officials. According to the examination results issued by the hospital, in fact, this young man only had a cold and fever, the air conditioner of the plane was too cold and cold, and it is estimated that there was a problem with language communication.

Some people say that during this outbreak, domestic and foreign trade people were scared to death at home. I said that Rock Tools\' People were half-dead at the mine.

I believe that normal people would rather be exhausted than scared to death. Scaredness is a mental problem, tiredness is a physical problem. Little fright is okay, big fright is big, the soul is out of control, the six gods have no master, terrified, exhausted, and once they sleep, they jump alive.

For foreign trade people, the most important thing is not to underestimate the hard-core genes of your own foreign trade. But in fact, a truly hard-core foreign trade company should live like an unbeatable Xiaoqiang in the face of a variety of harsh environments. The worse the environment, the more viable it will be.

Only by maintaining the hard-core gene, the foreign trade company\'s life can be very hard, but it is not as hard as Zhuzhou 601. Element Six is still acceptable.

Many companies are now working from home in order to adapt to the epidemic isolation. According to my observations, using remote online office, the business can still run efficiently, most of which are hard-core foreign trade companies based on the entire network marketing.

Many mediocre traditional companies are usually strict at work when they work. When the company works collectively, it is a migrant mentality. The most I think about every day is when to go to work and when to take vacation.

However, foreign trade companies based on the Internet are naturally adapted to telecommuting because everyone is responsible for the results, not for the performance of the process.

Everyone finally feels like: If you can work at home at this time, as the Internet upstart in China, Changsha\'s Job-intel platform will be developed in advance.

On January 7, I went to Zhuzhou via Changsha to participate in a "mountain is not hard" sharing session sponsored by the well-known expert in the domestic hard alloy industry, and gave a speech. After he learned that, he picked me up at the West Station, and communicated along the way. Before the steak was eaten, he was picked up by Tianli Zhiwen.

That day, the time is very tight, he has a very open and in-depth chat, especially the insights on the development and understanding of the Internet, which makes me very fresh.

In response to the epidemic, telecommuting has become the only living working method for foreign trade companies. It is quiet and good.

He said that because he wanted to develop the Job-intel platform, he "lobbyed" around the country in 2019. Unfortunately, few investors "understand". In Xi\'an, Mr. Yang, who "failed repeatedly," said: You didn\'t touch me in 15 minutes. I thought at the time: I spent more than ten years of practice and thinking on this project, and if I was completely understood by an "outsider" in fifteen minutes, it would be Sun Zhengyi.

This is the fundamental reason why China\'s capital did not promote the industrial revolution. For the epoch-making industrial revolution, capital is an indispensable cause, such as Internet commerce and Internet payment that began 10 years ago.

Speaking of the original intention of entrepreneurship, he pointed out that to the present day of technology development, he does not think that there will be emerging industries. From now on, the driving force of technology can only promote a high degree of industrial integration. Based on this understanding, we set out to develop the Job-intel platform.

The definition of the Job–intel platform is not only a global job platform, but also an “intelligence +” platform, similar to what some people call “intelligent networking”.

In addition to proactively rationalizing the socialized division of labor and collaborative relationships and performing systematic and fine-grained management, Job–intel will also generate powerful capabilities based on human resource big data, that is, each service package generated by the platform is the “best ".

The best team combination + the most effective naive + the lowest cost + the best product + the most convenient service = high quality life. This should be the characteristic of the "intellect +" era.

As the owner of a foreign trade startup company, we have a deep understanding of the technical capabilities of this explosive product on the Job-intel platform.

In this epidemic, byte beating was regarded as a foreign trade company that resumed work relatively late, but on the first day of construction, they achieved seamless business docking. The order in February was smoothly on Yang, only to the factory\'s wind!

Only a truly outstanding company that has optimized the allocation of human resources and steadily improved efficiency can break through the bottleneck and reach the 3.0 stage, that is, become a unicorn and become a leading company in the industry.

The Job–intel platform is both a global job platform and an “intelligence +” platform. Whether a team can run quickly even when working remotely is largely determined by the tools.

Byte Beat has a strong tool culture. There is a department inside them called efficiency engineering. The cornerstone of the project is the Job-intel technology core and the bottom layer.

As a foreign trader and entrepreneur, Drill Tools\' People ,I am particularly aware that people who have traveled abroad often find it difficult to return to their homes. Foreign trade people, drill people, entrepreneurs are like lions running on the grassland. After experiencing the taste of freedom and challenge, it is difficult to return to the cage.

However, in the current situation of domestic and foreign trade people, where is the confidence, conviction, and belief, before the calamity, and who to believe, except for masks, or masks.

Therefore, before deciding to return to China, buy a new suitcase, a box of masks, a box of confidence, a cavity of love, hope to light up the hope of life, illuminate the bright world, and return with love and heart. Support friends who encourage and encourage the "Bao Ruiying" WeChat public account.

This is the calling of the heart: the strength of life, the strength of living, the dignity of man, the conscience of man. I believe that soon, the Chinese land will once again sing Wei Wei\'s "Dedication to Love"

This is the call of the heart,

This is the devotion of love,

This is the spring breeze on earth,

This is the source of life,

In the desert without heart,

In the wasteland without love,

The epidemic is also discouraged,

The flower of happiness blooms everywhere,

As long as everyone gives a little love,

The world will become a beautiful world.

How ambitious a person is, how ambitious a person ’s mission is, and how determined a person ’s goals are, how remarkable, and even great, the person ’s ultimate achievement is. What is accomplished and love are in sync with positive energy.

At the same time, "the way of the saint, self-sufficiency", everyone has endless treasures, can achieve a profitable career, have a happy and fulfilling life-building their own spiritual qualities, will rise to greater Love, wisdom, energy, mind.

The so-called crisis comes from the ego, and the "machine" comes from the ego.

Try Harder! In the epidemic, what you see is only what others want you to see, and what you want to see still has to work hard to find. I believe you, the world does not have the strongest platform and tools, only the strongest foreign trade people!

Finally, let\'s say a word, foreign trade people, drill tools people are species that are very hardy and very hard. This epidemic crisis is also an evolutionary process that will destroy a group of species, but at the same time will also make the strong vitality. Believe you, you can become the ruler of the next era of foreign trade!

Come on, foreign trade people!

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