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The Chinese are still struggling to fight the epidemic. Where there is the foreign trade person, there is a heart

10 Mar 2020

You should be like this recently, right?

I picked up my mobile phone in the morning with my eyes open. On the one hand, I checked the news and hot search, followed the latest developments in the epidemic situation, and hoped that the situation would continue to improve. Someone said: If it weren’t for this time, we wouldn’t have known we love work so much.

This year is definitely the year that everyone is most eager to start work. Although the current network communication is very convenient, a video conference at home, a file or something can be used to work. But the atmosphere and state are still a little different than in the office.

Facts have proved that people cannot do without work, they can’t do business without travel, and foreigners can’t do without going abroad, otherwise life will become boring; the most terrible thing is: no performance, no orders, no way to live.

On February 3, the New Year’s Day, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. When I sent this position to a Shandong’s most powerful drilling tool factory, the industry’s first handsome boss, he exclaimed: President Hu, you dare to go out, dare to fly, and you have to travel tomorrow and go abroad!

You are risking your life, the fire of the virus. . . Resolutely rushed to the front line of the battlefield to China, in my life, no one will accept it, only you!

For more than 10 days, I didn’t dare to open the door, didn’t dare to go downstairs, didn’t dare to press the elevator button, and I heard that there were signs of virus in the door handle. . . Then call over and shout out:

There is no Chinese New Year, like the Chinese New Year of the Boxer Year.
There is no longer a long holiday, as this Chinese New Year super long holiday has mixed Chinese tastes.

Yes, on February 3th , some cities started to work in Langzhong, and more people were suggested to stay at home. Our focus is on Wuhan, Hubei, and the epidemic situation. We may not know that in the past few days, the world has also undergone major changes. Some changes will profoundly affect the international structure and China’s national interests and relations. No Chinese, no foreign trader, no tool.

Yesterday, most airlines followed the US and chose to suspend flights. For example, Saudi Arabia suddenly canceled all flights in February yesterday, affecting the company’s project progress. Some people said that at this time, you still need to talk about projects, take orders, do business, and save your life. Say it before you live, that ’s right, but I want to ask your customers ’business, how do their customers’ customers get their business, you do n’t go out, you do n’t ship, you do n’t take orders, your customer factory, you The customer mine will stop, the factory will be closed, and who will be responsible for the loss?

As I wrote this tweet, a Hong Kong customer sent a WeChat message: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region announced on February 3 that starting at 00:00 on February 4, 2020, except for the normal clearance of Shenzhen Bay and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge ports, Other land and railway ports adjacent to the mainland have suspended their traffic.

I don’t know if Hong Kong is the first place to close the city, but it does make people feel as depressed as if they were “crazy”. There are no people in Guangzhou Airport. The outside air is very heavy. I do n’t know if it is haze or haze. No one, no car, no factory. Where is the haze? After a sigh, let’s get back to business, let’s talk about the issues that foreign trade companies care about during the epidemic stage:

Buyer issues. Orders are shipped after the year. Orders were paid by letter of credit years ago. If the order company can’t resume production years ago, if the upstream supply of raw materials to the supplier is postponed, if the order has been postponed for delivery, if the order price fluctuates, how to prepare the order after the year, how to deal with the customer, how to deal with the demand of the new customer, The price will definitely rise. For example, how to communicate with the buyer, how to communicate with the customer when the cargo is ready for delivery, and how to communicate with the customer, which will affect the customer ’s supply plan. The boat will be shipped for 7 days, and the delay is half month. Without office tools, quotations and contract preparation are slow, causing buyer dissatisfaction to overcome and resolve,

Staff issues. Going to work on the 10th, a group of people in an office were worried, affecting work efficiency and communication, some employees could not return to work normally, and the risk of employee turnover. Short-term recruitment is blocked. Employee status cannot be recovered quickly. Work efficiency drops. Fluctuations due to falling employee income. Online office management quickly breaks in, managers’ ability to participate in on-site management

Supply chain issues. Today, a factory said that the new order factory did not dare to take it, and the resumption of work must be approved by the epidemic prevention department. Before the return to work, take a temperature measurement, wear a mask, eat at the wrong time, and go to work at the wrong time. Employees must not work overtime. Eating fruit and so on, the original supplier was interrupted. New vendors cannot be linked quickly. Run-in for new suppliers. Supplier qualification issues. The degree of cooperation of the supplier’s export.

Problems in corporate management, off-site management capabilities of middle-level cadres, problems with rising costs and the popularity of labor laws. Matching business process management with results

WHO gives us 3 months to resolve the outbreak, why? Because if it lasts for three months or more, it may evolve from a crisis of life and society to an economic crisis, just like dominoes.

I believe that through this epidemic, we have given our entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, foreign trade workers, and office workers a good cash flow management education class, which tells us profoundly: it is the core competition that we do not hang up in the face of crisis. force.

Really, the more abnormal moments, the more you can see the true background of a person; just imagine: how long can your money last if you have not been to work?

This epidemic test not only the immunity of everyone but also the immunity of a company / country.

Only in the face of two things can people not take money seriously: the first is health, the second is freedom, and now these two challenges are facing us at the same time.

Everyone finally discovered that immunity is the one’s greatest competitiveness is the dimension reduction blow that can destroy all business logic. This is circulating on the Internet. Is 996 going to rest? Changed three views?

The epidemic situation is a mirror, which allows us to see the responsibility and responsibility, see the high level of ability, and see the cold blood and absurdity of some people, but we still live on. What is life: born, lived.

But we also need to know that the epidemic will always pass, and the reality is so cruel. Just as we Chinese are busy preventing and controlling epidemics, major and far-reaching changes have taken place in the world structure. These changes will ultimately affect China’s foreign trade changes and uncertainties in the eyes of our foreign trade people.

In the beginning of the year, there was a plague and the market was green. The world is a blessing, not a curse.

The Chinese, the foreign traders, and the rocktools people firmly believe that: But the cold winter will always end, and the late spring will eventually come. Now that things have happened to us, we have no choice but to face them bravely.

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