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The epidemic in Europe and the United States is outbreaking, and foreign trade orders have flowed. What are you doing?

23 Mar 2020

Yun Dan Feng Qing article 189 original, welcome to read!

In the outbreak of 2020, China\'s shutdown did not awaken the world, but now the entire world has pressed the pause button.

No one expected that the new crown virus caused the "butterfly effect" beyond imagination, and experienced a "black week" worldwide. U.S. stocks melted 4 times, and the stock market disaster spread! As the financial crisis looms, it feels like the global economy has collapsed.

From 21:00 on March 18th to 21:00 on the 19th, Eastern Time, 5892 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed in the United States. The new crown virus epidemic has spread to 50 U.S. states and Washington, DC. Currently, members of the United States Congress and several State Department staff have been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia.


To this end, President Trump tweeted that the media should regard this as an age of solidarity and strength. We have a common enemy, actually the enemy of the world, the coronavirus. We must defeat it as quickly and safely as possible. To me, nothing is more important than life and safety in the United States!

The epidemic in early 2020 has become the largest economy alive! Talking about economy, doing business, and going abroad to run business have become unimaginable. In February, a lot of foreign trade companies started to work, but people from other places couldn\'t get to work. The factory didn\'t start, and the freight forwarding didn\'t work. In February, they couldn\'t ship normally.


In March, the company resumed work, the staff was in place, and it was ready to do a big job, but people were not as good as the sky. The new crown virus epidemic has spread all over the world. The overseas epidemic is spreading with great uncertainty. Second shock.

Today, the reality is that it is estimated that before June, most foreign trade companies are facing the risk of order cancellation, exports are hit hard, and foreign trade orders are in blood. . . With the spread of stock disasters, the pressure on the RMB and the default risk of Chinese-funded US debt.


In the 2020 epidemic, foreign trade may be shut down across the board, and some industries have shown more flexible development possibilities. There are business opportunities in the crisis, such as online sales of foreign trade, or changing to market-required products. The importance of improving the ability of foreign trade to resist risks Sex.

Yesterday, I participated in a small gathering of members of the Xiamen 168 business circle. Most foreign trade companies are speeding up to make new crown virus detection kits, masks, disinfectants, forehead guns, goggles, protective clothing. . .

The world desperately needs anti-epidemic supplies, and business is booming! Orders of millions of dollars have been placed in half a month, so come here!

Many bosses are busier than usual. They only sleep for 3-4 hours a day, reply to information all day, make phone calls, and are dizzy. The 168 business circle exchange group has a strong resource integration ability, a clear division of labor, assembly line operations, and the first group army to go to sea !!

In 2020, under the ruthless epidemic, 168 people hugged in a hug and became a piece of iron!


In a special period, you stick to traditional products, factory thinking, go black all the way, foreign trade must also keep pace with the times, move with the market, move with the momentum, and move forward, the transformation of our foreign trade comes from the market, the change of customers, Like the 168 business district, contribute to the world\'s crisis,

While traditional orders are bleeding, the epidemic prevention business is booming! The epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention, the task is heavy, the meeting will be one-and-a-half, the epidemic situation is cleared, the road is thorny, and the business opportunities at hand are not to be underestimated.


At present, the world ’s epidemic prevention materials are in short supply. As a large producing country, China is bound to export a lot of things, but this is also restricted by national, sea, land, and air policies. At present, it is certain that most countries do not restrict protective materials. There are many kinds of anti-epidemic materials and good quality. It is very important to choose factories and products.

To this end, today for the foreign trade partners, we recommend the newly developed new crown virus detection kit developed by Xiamen Aode Biological.


It is reported that Xiamen Aode Biological New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) IgM / IgG total antibody rapid detection kit (colloidal gold method), the product passed third-party certification, and obtained EU CE qualification in early March.


According to the person in charge of the company, the new crown virus detection kit developed by Xiamen Aode Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was sold to the EU market in March. It has been supplied to Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Japan and other 11 countries with an accuracy rate of 98. %, Well received by customers.

Aode Biological assists the prevention and control of epidemics in overseas countries. For the people of the world ravaged by the new crown virus, a ray of dawn is coming. It is also a good option for foreign trade companies to export urgently needed supplies.

This series of products have obtained EU certification, which will enable Aode Biological to contribute a Chinese force to the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic globally! Become a beautiful landscape in the Great War Epidemic!

It is reported that since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new crown virus infection in Wuhan at the end of December 2019, the epidemic has rapidly spread to the world, and the number of infections at home and abroad is increasing.

As a pioneer in the field of in vitro diagnostics in China, Aode Biological is in danger and has been ordered to face the epidemic situation, face up to difficulties, and make emergency efforts to develop a new type of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) IgM / IgG total antibody rapid detection kit series products in Wuhan and other places Complete relevant clinical validation.

Through continuous technological innovation, he played a role of "whistle blower" before the epidemic, and strived to accurately and quickly reflect the disease. The CE certification this time is a recognition of the company\'s R & D strength and product quality, and also paves the way for Chinese technology to go global and serve the world.

As a professional auxiliary method for 2019 nCoV prediction, it is very suitable for large-scale screening in overseas countries and regions where the epidemic situation is severe or is spreading, and provides a powerful weapon for the timely suppression of the development of the epidemic situation.


Under the epidemic situation, the Chunjiang plumbing duck prophet, at the right time, should respond to the market and advance with foreign trade people to change careers, select products, seize hot spots, grasp categories, and arrange cross-border e-commerce.

Digital business opportunities are surging, and in special times, crisis is also opportunity. Whoever can turn crisis into opportunity is the power of the times. It is estimated that before the first half of the year, China\'s foreign trade will be hit hard. Now foreign trade orders have flowed in blood, and what are you doing to the sea?

The epidemic in Europe and America broke out. Before the avalanche, every snowflake was on the horizon. Before the avalanche of Chinese foreign trade orders, every foreign trade person held this belief:

At the time when the domestic products went to sea,

Sailing does not have to wait,

Be brave in the world!

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