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The evolution of rock drilling tools necessary for foreign traders (1)

05 Sep 2018

微信图片_20180820165039-1A qualified foreign trade salesperson of the drill must thoroughly study the expertise of rock drilling tools and receive systematic and standardized rock drilling tool knowledge training. If conditions permit, you can go to the factory production workshop to intern, or go down to the mine or The drilling rig parameters of the construction site, rock drilling tools, worker operations, working conditions, rock formation coefficient and on-site visual learning are all necessary for becoming a professional foreign trade salesperson.

As an overseas salesman of rock drilling tools for nearly 10 years, and a mining media person, he has been committed to the overseas market sales, promotion and promotion of China-made rock drilling tools, and has achieved successful performance and has won many tunnels. I have eaten a lot of bitterness. The handwriting is original, the record is experience, and the dissemination is knowledge. I walked through the north and south of the river, visited the large and small rock tools factory, and recorded the story of the growth of many drilling tools factories.

Combining with many years of experience in sea fishing, the first knowledge of the necessary rock drilling tools for foreign trade sales personnel is comprehensively combed, summarized and summarized, and the relationship between ATLAS drilling rig parameters and drilling tools is emphasized, and the classic drilling tool inquiry case is attached. In order to capitalize on the new talents, exchange and share with the same channel.

The rock drill and the size of the rock drilling hole determine the type of the drilling tool, model. Specification configuration and selection. I often receive customer inquiries on the official website mobile phone app, only provide a picture of the drilling machine or a video of the mining rig work, let you quote It is not difficult to provide a quote for reference based on the rig model and related parameters. Of course you must be expert.


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