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The evolution of rock drilling tools necessary for foreign traders (4)

07 Sep 2018


The PowerROC T25 DC is a proven top hammer rig for on-site construction and civil engineering as well as small quarries. The well-designed direct hydraulic control makes drilling easier, easier to maintain, and delivers superior reliability and long service intervals. Drilling hole diameter: 51mm-89mm Drill: R32-51, T45-89 bit, MF quick-change brazing T45 3660 MM, rock drill and shank: COP1435.

The FlexiROC T35 T40 Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Drill is suitable for construction and quarry drilling operations. Drilling hole diameter: 64mm-115mm Drill: T38-64, T45, 89, T51-115 bit, MF quick change solder T38, T45, T51, 3050 MM, 3660 MM, rock drill and shank: COP1840, COP2540+

The FlexiROC T45 is a flexible, versatile top hammer rig that is a high performance rig developed and designed for demanding and complex construction environments. It can also be used efficiently in quarries and limestone mining sites. Drilling hole diameter: 89mm-140mm Drill: T51-115mm, 127mm, 140mm bit, MF quick change solder T51, 3660 MM, 4300MM, rock drill and shank: COP2560, COP3060.

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