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The evolution of rock drilling tools necessary for foreign traders (5)

10 Sep 2018


Drilling tools for down-the-hole drilling rigs.

Down the hole hammers, from the Chinese name can understand the working principle is not the same as Jackhammer, Top hammer, the power source in the impactor and drill bit under the rig or under the surface of the ground drilling work. Used in municipal projects such as quarrying, mining, and water wells. The market capacity is very large, but there is also the rise of market pressure composite super hard new material PDC, more efficient, more energy-efficient, less fuel, the number of holes drilled is a conservative estimate of 3-5 times, and also saves an impactor. Cost, relatively speaking, PDC submerged drill bit will slowly erode the traditional DTH alloy drill bit market, which is an irreversible trend of rock drilling tool technology and market development.


The SmartROC D60/D65 is a down-hole drilling rig that meets your needs for a wide range of boreholes in the mining process. It is ideal for mines and large quarries. Drilling bore: 110mm-203m, DTH impactor 4″ , 5″, 6″, drill pipe 5 meters, maximum drilling depth: 55 meters.

The FlexiROC D60/65 is a DTH rig for large-scale production operations, pre-cracking operations, reverse-loop drilling (RC) for taste control in open pit operations, and large quarry operations.

The FlexiROC D50 is also an efficient, versatile down-the-hole rig that increases your productivity and reduces your costs. Relying on good flexibility and overall drilling capability, it performs equally well in quarry blasthole drilling and mining operations. Borehole diameter: 90mm-130mm, drilling method: DTH hammer, DTH impactor 4″, 5″, 6″, drill pipe 5 m, maximum drilling depth: 55 m.

PD65-90B Pneumatic DTH Drilling Machine 1

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