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The evolution of rock drilling tools necessary for foreign traders (2)

05 Sep 2018


Small hole taper tools with light duty rock drills, many types, we can focus on, natural stone mining we call quarries, such as granite, marble, sandstone, etc., mainly with hand-held pneumatic rock drill Y24, Y26, TY24C, with taper drill bit, taper drill rod, rock drilling hole diameter 32 mm, 34 mm dominated, granite stone, marble, sandstone rock drilling aperture 32 mm, 34 mm depth 3 m, also hit 10 m, then with expansive mortar or high range soundless cracking agent

The stone factory is also cut into large plates or strips with Y6 rock drilling hole 14 mm-32mm stone, and then hand-cranked (wedge)., /hand splitter/shims and wedges, Small hole taper tools can also be used in underground mining, air leg light rock drill YT24, YT28, YT29A, the bit is a D38 ~ 42 word bit or cylindrical bit,

The light (pneumatic) rock drill has a power of about 70-80J and a drill speed of 25-30 cm/min. The light-duty taper is completely different from the hydraulic light rock drill. The power is high, the minimum net impact power is 25KW or more, and the drill speed is 1m/min. . For the selection of taper brazing materials, heat treatment requirements are higher. Without the quotation of the rig model parameters, the test will not succeed.


The major stone countries in Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Brazil and other countries in the quarry market, in recent years, the quarry rig is updated very quickly, some stone mines mainly use SANDVIK hydraulic light rock drill, with imported SANDVIK 32/34MM integral drill rod, most The multi-gun hydraulic light rock drill is drilled, and the 2-4 rock drill head frame is rod-in on the frame once, and 2-4 holes are drilled. The rock drilling efficiency is high, and the performance requirements for the small hole rock drilling tools are relatively high.

The above products (the drill rod and the drill bit mainly use the H22 hexagonal (HEX)drill rod, the drill head is the D38~42 word bit or the column tooth bit. The manufacturers of this small drill rod are mainly concentrated in Guiyang, Shandong, Liaoning, Hunan, There are nearly 20 places in Henan and other places, and the manufacturers of the bits are distributed throughout the country, mainly in Shandong Yanggu, Zhejiang Taizhou, Hubei and so on.

The material of the drill rod: mainly 55SiMnMo (bainite steel, invented by the original metallurgical brazing steel technical team of the Ministry of Metallurgy from 1966 to 1969, the whole normalizing fire, the quenching and quenching of the brazing tail), 55SiMnMo has basically met the needs of light rock chiseling machinery, The dominant steel grade of H22. Z708 (40SiMnCrNiMoA – Sweden called Z708), only produced in the Yanggu area.

The material of the skirt of the bit is mainly 40Cr or 42CrMo (also used for 45# steel), the alloy of the bit is made of YG8-11, and the ingot is welded (the solder is 105, 801). The cylindrical tooth bit is welded, cold-inserted or hot-filled (embedded) production process. At present, the hot inserting is widely used by foreign customers because of its excellent performance, but the price is relatively high.

The alloy size of the small bit is 07*11mm, 06*10 mm, Q8-34, Q7-32. Due to the sluggish domestic mining industry, the brazing factory can basically export to the overseas market, and there is no minimum price. Only lower. Domestic export data is estimated to have exceeded one million units per year.

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