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The operation of the PRODRILL: doing one thing, earning $ 100,000 in 5 days

14 Apr 2020
Several points written at the beginning of the article:

Opinion 1: The spread of the epidemic and the impact on the foreign trade industry have become a reality, so facing it directly is the best way to deal with it;

Opinion 2: Every turmoil in history will eliminate a group of people and give new opportunities. Without saying anything else, it is one of the things that the Canton Fair will change into the Net Fair. What has changed is not just a transaction, but a transformation of a new era of industry;

Opinion 3: Do sales in high season and market in low season. The spread of the epidemic will certainly affect the global economy, but it will also recover. In this process, all companies that can not persist will close down, but the total market demand will not change much. Then, the remaining companies need to quickly occupy a larger market share, and actively prepared companies will be more likely to get cake.

So, unless you want to abandon the foreign trade business, otherwise you will be ready and accumulating for 3-6 months. When the epidemic situation eases, it will be a surge in orders.


Back to the topic of making $ 100,000.

Today\'s owner is Mr. Hu Yunqing, the general manager of Baoride. Leaving aside the identity of the CEO of a foreign trade company, President Hu is the first person in mining foreign trade from the media. He has written 192 original articles covering many fields from industry dynamics, international politics, social topics, foreign trade marketing, etc. Inspired by it, broadened thinking and vision

Because of this important identity, Mr. Hu, who is willing to share, accepted our interview yesterday and gave him a detailed introduction to the process of harvesting these 100,000 US dollars orders. At the same time, he also introduced his experience of using the stupid bird system, and We did share.

President Hu is also a long time with the stupid bird. I remember that the first time I saw Mr. Hu should be in 2017. At that time, he was not a stupid customer. Until March 30 this year, it was not.

Earlier, President Hu very much recognized the stupid marketing thinking, but for some reasons, I felt that it was not yet time for cooperation. After the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the impact on the entire foreign trade industry was huge, which made President Hu realize that the original method had reached a growth bottleneck, and the sales lead thinking of Stupid Bird Social should be a breakthrough. On the last day of March, the Stupid Bird team was recovered and the contract was directly confirmed.


This is where Mr. Hu is excited, because of this decision, he signed an order for 100,000 US dollars five days later.

Dig deep in the background to let business opportunities emerge

President Hu recognized the value of the sales leads. As soon as the system was launched, more than 100 customer inquiries from the official website in recent months were imported into the Stupid Bird system, and one-on-one background digging and analysis began. In these clues, some customers only left their names and email addresses, and other information was unknown.

However, in conjunction with the automatic completion of the customer information in the stupid bird system, many of the customer\'s backgrounds have been dug out, including the customer of this transaction. The customer just sent an inquiry a few days ago, but was missed by the salesperson. After the system completed the company information and social information through his mailbox, President Hu found that this was actually a quite famous company in Australia.


When it comes to this customer, President Hu always has a hard time to calm down. If it is not the stupid bird\'s automatic perfection function, maybe this customer is really missed, then the loss will be huge.

Trust marketing to speed up transactions

Business opportunities emerged, and in addition to excitement, it was necessary to deal calmly. President Hu immediately combined with the customer\'s background analysis, selected several rigs suitable for the customer, and pushed the marketing email. The touch of customer needs made President Hu quickly receive a reply.

Because of the first contact, the customer was not very sure about the quality of the products of Baoruid, but it happened to have an old customer of President Hu in the other city, Brusbane. At this time, "trust marketing" helped the order a lot. This client called President Hu\'s old friend in Brusbane to understand the situation, and after getting the other\'s affirmation, his doubts were lifted. Because the demand is urgent, even when the purchase demand is confirmed. In the five days before and after, a 100,000-dollar drilling rig order made Mr. Hu receive it.
Sales leads make marketing full of confidence

Since President Hu started to do foreign trade, President Hu has paid close attention to the sales leads of buyers. Of course, it was not called a sales lead before, but simply called a customer tone. By analyzing the background of customers, President Hu can adjust the content of different customers in his own way and get better feedback than other salespersons.

Since President Hu joined the Stupid Bird system, it has further increased the foreign trade business of Baoride. In addition to the investigation of the customer\'s inherent background, dynamic buyer behavior has become a very important customer analysis basis for Bao Ruide. Every day, Hu always pays attention to the tracking results of the system and understands which customers have in-depth visits to Baoride.


After targeting active buyers, conduct targeted buyer behavior analysis and grasp all valuable feedback during buyer contact. Such as the time, frequency, and review rate of the customer\'s email, the content of the customer\'s click on the email, the track and duration of the customer\'s visit to the website, and so on. Combine with the background of the buyer, make a quick judgment of the buyer\'s needs and intentions, and promote it.

3Let you make money actively and become a team

President Hu has invested a great deal in team development. One person can make money, and it is not far away. Only one team can make money, and the career can grow. In the past, President Hu always taught the business partners the experience and methods without reservation, but not everyone can maximize their absorption and use. But now it is different. President Hu\'s experience and methods have the stupid bird system as technical support, which can be directly implemented. The method of customer follow-up, combined with the track of the stupid bird system, can be well combined to improve, know when to advance, when to pay attention, what content is more suitable ... Visual customer behavior analysis, so that marketing can be proactive.


At the same time, President Hu has accumulated his past experience in advancing customers as a systematic template, allowing business teams to quickly master more effective content promotion methods and rhythm through the template promotion process. And encourage salesmen to open their minds, create their own marketing content, share with the team, and enhance each other.

Although it takes only 2 weeks for the system to be launched by Baorui, President Hu is very researching on the combination of system logic and business processes, and also allows the system to quickly help Baorui realize the cash. Despite the epidemic, the business is still worth looking forward to.

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