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Time has really changed!

04 Aug 2020

In 2019, China\'s GDP is more than $14 trillion, while the US\'s is more than $21 trillion. China is already equivalent to two-thirds of the US.

China has already overtaken other Western countries to become the world\'s second largest economy.

In an unusual year, 2020, global trade experienced a "cold snap" due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

China\'s GDP fell by 6.8% in the first quarter, but rose by 3.2% in the second.

The world was amazed, how did China do it?

According to the IMF\'s projections, China will be the world\'s only major economy growing this year.

This kind of unique, too not simple!

Times have really changed!

China will lead the world\'s e-commerce into the future!

Throughout the first half of the year, there has been one big change in China\'s foreign trade pattern, that is, ASEAN has become China\'s largest trading partner.

Of China\'s top ten trading partners, half saw growth and half saw decline, compared with eight in the second quarter alone.

Among them, the most eye-catching performance is the ASEAN.

In the first half of this year, the value of imports and exports between China and ASEAN reached 2.09 trillion yuan, up 5.6% year-on-year, accounting for 14.7% of China\'s total foreign trade, up 1.2 percentage points from the same period last year.

In the same period, China\'s imports and exports to the EU reached 1.99 trillion yuan, down 1.8%.

Imports and exports to the United States totaled 1.64 trillion yuan, down 6.6%.

The performance of foreign trade enterprises recovered in the first half of the year, which proves that the national One Belt And One Road strategic layout from 2013 to 2020 is a new blueprint for the development of China\'s foreign trade.

The 40-year national reform and export strategic policy are the strategic direction and guidance for foreign trade enterprises.

As one of the famous e-commerce companies in China, Jingdong has accelerated its pace of internationalization in recent years, understood national strategies, felt the rhythm of The Times, followed the national layout, and successfully stepped into the series of well-known cross-border e-commerce companies like Ali and MIC with the help of domestic Internet giants, thus helping to solve the urgent problems of foreign trade going abroad in this era.

Such e-commerce enterprises, how can not stand out in the flood of The Times?

On July 25, on Saturday, hundreds of people took part in the Xiamen local foreign trade industry entrepreneurs "Jingdong sea, goods through global - Xiamen station" offline will choose goods, as delegates, old people of foreign trade, the whole listening to the speaker wonderful sharing, passionate speech, new model dry goods, digital thinking, the whole subnetted marketing, aftertaste making a person is boundless, also triggered my mining since the original media who have decided to foreign trade.

In order to rescue China\'s foreign trade in the current cold spell of the epidemic, I have made Suggestions and made efforts to rebuild a new overseas Jingdong for China\'s foreign trade and realize the global e-commerce model.

Jingdong, a domestic e-commerce giant, ACTS as an agent to enable foreign trade.

As a Chinese saying goes, "In the face of the pandemic, all industries are difficult, but in the midst of danger, only innovators win."

Reviewing several waves of foreign trade operations in the first half of the year,

March - April epidemic prevention supplies export speculation, some people make money, more loss of foreign trade people to jump feet, jump buildings, do not sleep every day, day endlessly, the last chicken feathers.

Work resumed in May and June. The goods produced were not wanted and the demand in the foreign market dropped sharply.

In May, the live-streaming economy began to open up across the country, and live-streaming goods became popular overnight.

On June 15, the 127th Canton Fair kicked off at the "cloud" end, marking the opening of a trade fair that breaks the boundaries of time and space.

However, online participation in the online Canton Fair friends said, online Canton Fair online flow and volume of cold pull cool.

This 10*24 hours on the line for the exhibition, let the dozens of Canton Fair trade exhibitors panicked.

Live broadcast is not very good, the conversion effect is not good, jet lag is tiring, etc., of course, the most headache for foreign trade exhibitors is: there are few buyers!

After all, it is still a question of thinking, mode, platform, tool and team.

Foreign trade enterprises in the post-epidemic era to achieve survival and transformation breakthrough!

In essence, the competition between enterprises is the competition between the boss pattern and the realm, the team pattern and the realm, the soul quality of both sides, the business model and the platform model.

In the second half of 2020, China\'s economy and China\'s foreign trade difficulties are not only internal problems, but also external problems. This is an indisputable fact.

Still have 5 months time, how does foreign trade enterprise achieve business to climb in countertrend?

On the whole, in the first half of this year, China\'s foreign trade was able to recover from the impact of the epidemic in such a short period of time, which is not the case in the world.

However, the current global epidemic situation is still severe, and foreign trade enterprises, which mainly rely on overseas demand, will continue to face damage to their export business. It is very difficult for them to significantly increase their earnings in the last five months.

The emergence of Jingdong overseas station has undoubtedly brought hope and light to China\'s foreign trade.

Jingdong\'s style of self-operated integrated operation of e-commerce with no fakes as its public praise really opens the way for internationalization!

In 2018, JD Worldwide 618 made it possible for Chinese consumers to buy global good products.

It also allows consumers around the world to buy good goods from China through JD.com.

Orders and GMV growth Cross-border e-commerce business grew by more than 500%

On June 18, 2018, Google invested 3.7 billion yuan in JD, injecting into it not money, but the gene and financial driving force of the globalization that generates money.

In 2020, Jingdong will continue to take e-commerce as the core, enrich the industrial ecosystem, improve the value chain, and lay out the layout in advance for the future high-speed growth.

As a result of the epidemic, the single offline customer access channel is blocked, and the customer experience scene and sales are greatly affected, which forces foreign trade enterprises to pay attention to the digital reform of enterprises.

Take advantage of JD\'s digital advantages to solve the problem of single channel,

Use the advantage of Jingdong\'s overseas warehouse to solve the problem of standard goods inventory.

Use the advantage of JD logistics network to solve the problem of sample time,

Take advantage of the one-stop Jingdong to solve the problem of operating costs

In the digital economy, failing to change means going backwards and becoming obsolete.

Whether you like it or not, take it or not, digitization is going to be a big test and skill that every business needs to have.

Only by changing your attitude can you change your height.

In foreign trade, merely living is not enough. We should learn, innovate and make progress. In the face of the great epidemic, all industries are difficult, but the innovator is the only one to win.

Look, Xiamen Prodrill company’s strategic partners - public enterprises in Xiamen is committed to managing director Mr.Luan total diamond technology co. LTD., calls, said last week in Xiamen, the most beautiful Huandao road, Buddha mountain area, write down a layer of more than 600 square building, half is used to make live to bring the project, I\'m curious to ask, this year the foreign trade is so bad, why are you so big, he said with a smile;

It is said that foreign trade enterprises will fall behind if they don\'t do live broadcasting.

It is said that foreign trade enterprises will be behind The Times if they do not do content.

Heard that do not do social foreign trade enterprises to fall behind.

Jingdong\'s cross-border e-commerce service solutions are quite eye-catching. The road of Jingdong\'s internationalization has just begun, and it can be regarded as a rising star.

Obviously, she saw the weaknesses of Ali and MIC and found out their strengths.

However, JINGdong needs to be more clear about its role in cross-border e-negotiation: whether it is based on retail, light industrial products, or industrial products, can Ali and MIC be sold on your platform?

B to B or B to C.

In addition to the support of Google, don\'t forget that Google\'s largest traffic is still to Ali, not Ali silly, is the members did not set fire to Epang Palace\'s verve, which dare to say the whole network TOP10 seats.

More clear answers are needed on how to co-sponsor Facebook live promotion, in-site promotion or off-site promotion, social network support, big data source, and how to deal with export invoice and tax refund, etc.

Great times, great changes, under the haze, the foreign trade industry must nirvana, and take off!

Follow JINGdong to sea, sail the world, goods all over the world!

I believe that China will lead the world\'s e-commerce into the future!

Because, this time, really changed!

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