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What is a complete set of Extension Drilling Equipment consists of ?

24 Feb 2023



Striking Bars

To fit all types of Drilling Machine, Pneumatic and Hydraulic. Bars available with most types of thread including: 100R, 125R, R35, 150R, T38, T45, T51 and B60. Manufactured from high quality alloy steel, and heat treated to generate maximum strength and increase longevity.

Strike bars



Available as semi-bridge in all thread types, as well as full-bridge if required.

Cross over adapter,semi-bridge/full-bridge coupling sleeves


Drill bits

Full range of bits including cross up to 2-1/2''(63.5mm) and X-style from 2-1/2''(63.5mm) to 4''(101.6 mm).

Button bits range from 1-3/8''(34.925mm) to 6''(152.4mm) with designs including Chisel, Crown, Drop Center, Flat Face, some available with the Retrac body. Carbide inserts available in standard, most thread types are available.

Chisel BitButton Bit


Drill Rods

Hex style rods available from 7/8''(22.225mm) to 1-1/2''(38.1mm), and round style from 1-1/4''(31.75mm) to 2''(50.8mm).

Length from 2''(609.6mm) to 24''(7315.2mm), and most thread types are included.

Hex Drill Rod


Male/Female Rods

Are special designed for use with hydraulic top hammers and are available in a similar range to the standard Drill Rods. Plus B60 Thread on 2-3/8''(60.325mm) round steel.


Drifting and Tunneling Equipment

Drill Bits, Couplings, Shank Rods, and Tunnel Rods. Rod lengths from 2''(609.6mm) to 21''( 6400.8mm ) in 100R, 112R, 125R, R35 bit end threads with standard shank end thread types. Hex body of 7/8''( 22.225mm ) to 1-1/2''( 38.1mm ) and 1-1/4''( 31.75mm ) round. Male/ Female Tunneling Rods are available in 1-1/4''(31.75mm) round.

Extension Drilling Sets


Shank size 7/8''(22.225mm) x 4-1/4''(107.95mm), and 1'' x 4-1/4''(107.95mm). Lengths from 2''(609.6mm) to 16''(4864mm). Bit size from 1.34''(34.036mm ) to 1.75''(44.45mm)



Pilot adapters with carbide tipped head and reaming button bits from 2-1/2''(63.5mm) to 4''(101.6mm). Other reaming equipment is available for large hole size requirements.

Reaming Bit


A range of carbide inserted bits (Cross and Button) sizes 1-1/8''(28.575mm) to 2''(50.8mm). Shank sizes from 7/8''(22.225mm) x 4-1/4''(107.95mm), 1''(25.4mm) x 4-1/4''(107.95mm), lengths from 2''(609.6mm) to 21''(6400.8mm). Available in 11° and 12° taper.

Tapered Drill Rods


Used for both surface and underground applications on large hydraulic top hammers, B&L'S Tubular Drill Rod Systems feature Drill Bits, Shank Adapters and Male/Female Tube Rods available in B60 Thread with bits from 3-1/2''(88.9mm) to 6''(152.4mm). Also available are Guide Tubes to assist in straight hole drilling on 125R to T51 Threads, for hole sizes 2-1/8''(53.975mm) to 4-1/2''(114.3mm).


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