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Drifter rod MM R38-Hex32-R28-4305

  • Code No.: MM-R38-Hex32-R28-4305
  • Type: MM
  • Thread: R38-R28
  • Shape: Hex
  • Length: 4305mm
  • Weight: 27.1kgs

Drifter rod MM R38-Hex32-R28-4305

MF Drifter Rod
MF Drifter Rod

Product details

Drifter rod, other names are tunneling steels, tunneling rod, drifting drill rod, has round and hexagon shapes available, most of drifting drill steel with drill steel hexagon is for tunneling and drifting drilling application. Hexagon rods of rock drilling tools are more rigid, heavier and transfer energy more efficiently, while increasing flushing. 
Drifting drill rod
Bumping up the drive end of drifting drill steel is common practice for added strength at the rock drill end to accommodate larger diameter and shank adapters. Drill steel is available in many standard lengths to match the drill feeds on a multitude of available drifting jumbos. 
R32-45 with R32 drifting rod

R32-45 rock drill bits with R32 drifting rod

Two different types of heat treatment are used to strengthen our percussive drill string components to maximize their performance and reliability. Carburization and middle frequency induction surface quenching as two process for strength the total quality and performance and life for drifting drill steels

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: Drifting Drilling Rod for Drifting and Tunneling Catalogue

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